Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Lovin'

So i can say it's been a pretty busy past week for me..!

Was in Seoul, Korea the weekend just gone...i LOVE that place so much!!! ATE and ATE and ATE so much haha...i gotta say, i never get tired of korean bbq :)
Actually there was a purpose behind the whole trip, which was to locate this korean commercial song that i will be doing a cover of...more details of that once i get in the recording studio!! :P
HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP - Going to the PCD concert!! haha...though im sure you guys know cos i tweeted it b4...they were awesome as expected..amazing performers..!!!

Since coming back, i've been doing a lot of radio promotions - ive now been on all major broadcasting channels, and these interviews are actually kinda fun...bit of a laugh and not so serious, and it's always nice to meet the guys you always hear on air..!

The Solar Project 2009 voting is still ongoing -
Please vote (for me! hehe) if you haven't checked it out yet..!
We did a group interview yesterday and i finally got to meet the other guys in the project too...all very friendly and a neat bunch to talk to :) glad everyone is working hard to achieve their aspirations and goals in this tough industry - we all must jia yeo!!!

Coming weeks i have YES! School Tour (pls check out dates in my "My Schedule" blog - if you don't know already you can locate the link at the bottom of main page!) on the lookout for Sing Tao daily newspaper and Ming Pao magazine becus i did feature interviews with them this week too!

For those that haven't checked out the MV yet - here it is!!! It will be out in Cali Red / Red Box by this week...gooooo karaokeeeeee!!!! hehe
much love,