Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something interesting that was forwarded to me...

It's a poll done by one of the biggest newspapers in hk...

1) Best actor/actress
2) Worst actor/actress :(
3) Most likeable character
4) Most hated character :(

UPDATE: thanks guys for the comments, don't worry i know this poll's just for fun ;p
about the function on the 8/24 - somehow it hasn't been confirmed yet!? i've heard so many news about this, but i haven't been contacted with any information. I'm so touched that the forum ppl are meeting up to discuss banners, etc....if the function doesn't happen, maybe i could organise a meet/greet with you guys before the summer holidays are over? i'll update asap once i know what's going on....thanks guys for your patience;)

Friday, August 15, 2008


I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics!!
The opening ceremony left me totally breathless - i was speechless throughout the whole performance, everyone involved accomplished such an amazing job! What a way to kick off this year's games and what a way to make us all Chinese proud of our heritage :)
Go Go China!!!

I've been busy doing a few things recently - mostly organising magazine interviews (pls be on the lookout for me in some mags ;p), carrying on my singing lessons and also busy with MR promotional activities...
On Sunday i was part of the cheerleading team supporting my brother and sister in this game show called Identity 亮相...i was so ecstatic that they won the top prize!!!! And i must say, the new game show hosts, Summy and Siu Yee are doing such a fantastic job in their new roles! Keep up the good work! ;p

MR cast and crew had another celebratory press lunch this week - i am so so thrilled that the response has been so great...i hear last week's ratings peaked over the 40 points mark (2.3 million viewers in HK! yikes!)..the support is so overwhelming and the success is really down to you guys, so Thank You again....i promise the series will get better and better as it progresses so please keep watching!

Im off on another trip this weekend - will post pics of my travels on here later ;)
I know i've promised many people to fill in a profile listing my fav things includ. food, colour, movies, etc...this will also be posted up very soon!

Hope everyone is doing well as always,
Lotsa Love,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

各位好! 今次係我第一次用中文同大家寫blog!^_^ hehe
今日係"家好"慶祝第一個禮拜收視成功既function, 又有機會同班fans見面, 真係好開心!
多謝大家對我既支持, 我知道自己要繼續努力同進步, 而大家對我既鼓勵說話, 我會記住喺心入面.
唔會令大家失望! 一齊加油!

Monday, August 4, 2008

More Pics!!!

yeung meh meh (sheep^^)
"Devil Woman!"