Friday, May 29, 2009 is now LAUNCHED!!!!!!

OFFICIAL WEBSITE LAUNCHED!!! :) :) :) - plzzz support!!! many thanks to the Creative Park Asia team :) :) :)

obviously there will be many changes/upgrades to the site in the coming months, for now please click and check it out!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Times!!!

So since the completion of the MV, i've been on a mini-promo tour for the new single...
been on several radio shows - catch me again on the RTHK website :) - as well as a few newspaper/mag interviews.

I'm now a new joining member of the YES! School Tour '09. First show was yesterday, and it went by pretty fast !!!! ..haha.. check out future dates on my "Work Blog", i may be appearing at a school near you ;)

I also had the HUGE honour of being invited to watch a Kelly Clarkson unplugged showcase yesterday. I believe it's her first appearance here in hk, and also she mentioned on stage, her first time doing accoustic/unplugged renditions of her songs - she was sooooo freakin' amazing!!!!! That voice is an absolute gift - awesome talent, and an awesome Idol indeed. I've always liked her song "Because of You" - the meaning behind the lyrics and her personal story that goes with it makes it that extra special....hearing and watching her perform a version of it live, was pretty out of this world - definitely buy her new album All I Ever Wanted guys, it's absolutely worth it!!!!!

MO Bar

Kelly on stage!

:) :) :)
My video will be out in karaoke soon!!..i've seen the final cut!!...will post links to it once it's available :)

Hw much rain is there gna be this week!? - weather may suck, but i hope you're all doing well ..

Monday, May 18, 2009

同窗密友 MV shoot

I'm glad to annouce the official title of my first release - 同窗密友 !!! (slight change from the name before :p)

So last week i shot the MV for it..woke up at 5am for preparations and on location at 7am to begin the shoot - haven't started that early for a long while!! but the adrenaline and the excitement definitely kept me going for the rest of the day..haha..!

The MV will be a story-type video set at a university - the library looked amazing and colourful on film...all in all i cannot wait for you guys to see it!!!! :)
Many thanks to the crew, director Benny Lau, all the cast, make-up and everyone who helped with the location setting of the MV - i know a lot of effort was put into making this video as best as possible - the whole shoot lasted 16 hours straight, so thank u guys dearly - im filled with so much anticiption right now, looking forward to seeing the end results! :)

I've started radio promotions today and actually went to my first live radio interview @ RTHK2 for Made in Hong Kong - catch me on more radio airtime in the coming week!!! Thx to everyone who waited so patiently outside in the heat for me afterwards too..i know some of you are on summer break already and are waiting for exam results - best of luck! don't worry too much, and do try to enjoy the sunshine outside during the holidays! x

Cast and crew at the end of the shoot!

With the help of people at work, a new blog (in Chinese) has been started that is filled with my Schedule/News/Job Updates

Pls go and check out -

My schedule will be regularly updated on this, so now you'll know when my next appearance/show is ;)

Now you have TWO webpages to read my stuff!!!! hehe....

much love,


Thursday, May 7, 2009

the feeling that summer has arrived....

so i hope you all are enjoying the weather as much as i am!!! :)

im lovin' the fact that during the daytime it's sunny+breezy and then at night things cool down so that there's a slight chill in the air...i know i know, this type of weather will never last long in hk ...but im crossing my fingers, that it will stick for some time! plsss humid heat wave don't come soo soon!!! This is truly the feeling of the beginning of Summer....

So since my last update, i did my very FIRST emcee gig w/ Nespresso - boy was i sooo nervous. The client was extremely supportive and i really have to give them a huge THANK YOU - you guys rock - be sure to see more nespresso-ness in the future from me (you'll know what i mean later :) ) hehe..

me nervously reading my script before the event started!

Will keep you guys posted on when my song hits the radio - i've heard the final mix version of it, so it'll be REAL soon - unbelievably excited!!! :) :) :)

thumbs up to Taylor Swift again, her new vid is so cute :)


and WOW....

i've heard a clip of their new single of course amazing as usual :p - can't wait for 5.27.09 !!!