Saturday, April 18, 2009

i dreamed a dream ...

"Dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes of coming true. Believe in yourself. The rest is up to me and you" Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes - TLC

Went to see Oasis - brit power at its best!!!! AWESOME night - view of the crowd ...
last time i saw them was in high school back when i was 13? 14? Still as amazing as ever...

Proof of how an ordinary lady (at first glance) can change the world and her life in a space of 7 short minutes ... remarkable, just remarkable ....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the month of march ...

WOW, it seriously has been a while since i've blogged about my whereabouts!!
i've been mostly tweeting (on Twitter!) as they call it these days
seems like a lot of people out there are catching up on's becoming a bit of an addictive craze!

This month of march has been a mix of building and developing - i've been going into the dance & recording studios a lot more...working with my teachers and producers - every lesson is such an experience and i definitely feel i learn something new everytime i step away from class.

I also have been attending a few events this march.

One was this MAC crossover Hello Kitty makeup launch event - it was interesting indeed as the layout and theme of the entire event was dark & mysterious with a touch of hot pink from hello kitty of course! I felt it was very punk rock glam and the turnout in numbers was pretty awesome with the whole place packed full of people!
One special gift i received was this limited edition kitty - very rare indeed!

I was also fortunate to get an invite to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Adidas this year - happy birthday sole n' stripes!!!!
The event took place in HK as well as in Taipei - here are some pictures, the year of 6009!

swimming pool

beer bath!

adidas living room

the legendary Stan Smith!!!!!!

jan and shu qi

funny looking toilet

In Taipei - visual display at the event

stage show

Im currently busy in and out of the recording studio - im glad to say that the first song has been decided and i am very excited about you guys hearing it soon!!! Many thanks to my amazing producer Ronald 伍樂城 and lyricist 林若寧 - i am so fortunate to have such incredible talents working with me for my first EP :) i won't say much until the song is released out in radio - but the idea for the theme and video should be pretty cool ;) the song name is 同居同學 - be sure to look out for it soon!!!!

much love and hope you are all well,

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