Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update! Upcoming Function

日期: 31/12/2008
活動: 大中華群星閃爍迎09
藝人: 郭品超 、 林峰 、 孫耀威 、 楊思琦 、
呂慧儀 、 黃瑩 、 麥家瑜 、 溫家恆 、
時間: 22:00 - 24:15
地點: 上水廣場二樓中庭

Best wishes to you and your family this Christmas!!! I hope everyone had a really fulfilling holiday this year and a very special day with your loved ones.
Here's looking forward to the new year!!!
For those who wanna join in with the fun & festivities, i hope i could see you all at the above countdown show!!!! Looking forward to it!!!!!
SEE YOU ALL IN 2009!!!!!

Event - Countdown to 2009!
Date - Dec 31st, 2008

I've been confirmed to appear at a countdown show in Sheung Shui, HK on the eve of new year! More details to come of the time....
I hope you are all well ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Photo Update - 芝柏 shoot!

Before sharing with you guys the photoshoot pics, i would like to post some snaps from my travels in China!

me and my aunt outside hotel at Guilin's city centre

dinner time! - meal included this bird creature that was the size of my thumb!

amazing mountainous views of Guilin

mountain bike trek!

me enjoying the water-raft ride a bit too much :)

credits - photographers@芝柏
models - crystal and me

SPEED - Ashita no sora PV

Sunday, October 26, 2008

my trip!

Time for me to update again guys! I hope everyone is well..!
Currently i'm abroad in China right an area called Huaiji and will be heading to Guilin within the next few days!
I'm here with a few family members - we're basically out here on a visiting trip to see a rural school that my late grandfather helped fund to build.
The province we are in isn't very well off hence many families cannot afford a simple education for their youngsters - the school aims to change this by providing the necessary amenities and equipment for all those in need.
On a personal level, this is a very meaningful trip for me.
It is an opportunity to see the results of my grandfather's charitable efforts, and more importantly a chance to witness the impact the school has had on the people in the area. I really do hope this good cause is creating benefits for all those involved.
Children really do deserve a proper education, even if it's just basic - this is one of my grandfather's beliefs, so the hard work and contributions must continue!

I will be posting pics from my trip soon! I hear Guilin has some amazing scenic views..looking forward to seeing them with my own eyes!

As promised here are some scans of my Yes! magazine interview and weekly diary...!

I also recently shot a wedding catalog commercial for 芝柏 - here's me on my camera phone in the dressing room when i was bored..haha..i actually felt like it was my own wedding on the day haha - never worn such a white suit before! :P


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


最近收到好多messages都係關心我嘅近況, thank you !
唔知你哋有冇留意報紙同雜誌有我嘅出現呢? 仲有我而家喺YES到寫嘅週記. 如果冇睇嘅朋友, 唔緊要, 我會update喺blog到.
遲D我會出埠, 到時我會影多D相放喺呢到同大家分享. 而未來有咩新嘅進展同埋關於fan club嘅資料, 到時我再同大家講啦!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mariah Carey in HK!!!!!

So last week i got to see my ALL TIME IDOL on stage..lets just say i had to pinch myself roughly a hundred times throughout the night, because i couldn't believe i was standing so close to her!!! The whole experience was just SURREAL - met up to all my expectations. The songs invoked so many memories - i'm so glad ms. carey sang most of her classics from the 90s...i took the above video from my camera phone - AARGH! AMAZING!

Monday, September 22, 2008

MR Finale!!!

the show is over and the curtains are down...the grand scale of the production tonight really did the show justice - what an amazing finish...what a way to celebrate and to applaud everyone's hard work in this drama.

I write this as it approaches 5am over here - just returned from the live still overwhelmed and in awe by the finale i just witnessed. Never in my mind had i ever imagined being involved in a drama quite like this one...and for this to be my first experience, i feel truly blessed and honoured. thanks to my producer, thanks to all the script-writers, directors, crew and thanks to my family...中仔 will always forever remain in my heart...

hope you guys enjoyed the show just as much as we enjoyed filming it - this chapter is closed and one i will never forget....


me and jo bao

Saturday, September 13, 2008


THANK U to all those who showed up to the promotions event last saturday @ Discovery Park...all the banners looked amazing - i saw many VP lit up signs and also banners with my name...i honestly appreciate the effort you guys put into all your hard work ;)

Wanna say a BIG HUGE HAPPY MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL to everyone reading this - wishing you all health and happiness with your families - 家好月圓慶中秋!!!!!
How are you guys celebrating this festival day?
I have dinner with my family and then will "serng yuet" with them...i know very traditional!! lol...

It's already approaching the last week of MR - i know, time has flown by so quickly especially with the last couple of months...mixed emotions and a sense of overwhelmness that this series is finally heading towards its last few hurdles. Memories i will always keep and changes i have to accept...thx for everything, and plz keep on supporting ;p

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i love Puma

Today i completed a photoshoot! - hopefully will get the results soon so i could show you guys :)
Much thanks to photographer Vicky and also Puma for kindly sponsoring everything that i wore!
I have some interviews lined up soon, so hopefully i'll be around in some of the magazines more ;p here are some behind the scenes photos of me with my own camera phone :P poser! haha

UPDATE: I WILL BE attending a MR function that is scheduled for 6th Sept Sat @ Yu Ging Sun Sing! Hope to see some of you guys there :) I think it starts around 12.30pm...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SPEED are back!!!!

I'm so excited about this news..i just had to dedicate a post to them ;p
After 8 long years of being apart, they are finally back together!! woohoo!
Just watched a clip of them on a a charity show in japan...brings back so many memories of being a teenager :P Just out of curiousity...what music brings back memories for you guys??

GOOD LUCK to everyone starting school/college soon!!! Hope all of you do your best this year - stay positive ;p - i have faith you will all achieve the results you desire :) GAMBATE!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something interesting that was forwarded to me...

It's a poll done by one of the biggest newspapers in hk...

1) Best actor/actress
2) Worst actor/actress :(
3) Most likeable character
4) Most hated character :(

UPDATE: thanks guys for the comments, don't worry i know this poll's just for fun ;p
about the function on the 8/24 - somehow it hasn't been confirmed yet!? i've heard so many news about this, but i haven't been contacted with any information. I'm so touched that the forum ppl are meeting up to discuss banners, etc....if the function doesn't happen, maybe i could organise a meet/greet with you guys before the summer holidays are over? i'll update asap once i know what's going on....thanks guys for your patience;)

Friday, August 15, 2008


I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics!!
The opening ceremony left me totally breathless - i was speechless throughout the whole performance, everyone involved accomplished such an amazing job! What a way to kick off this year's games and what a way to make us all Chinese proud of our heritage :)
Go Go China!!!

I've been busy doing a few things recently - mostly organising magazine interviews (pls be on the lookout for me in some mags ;p), carrying on my singing lessons and also busy with MR promotional activities...
On Sunday i was part of the cheerleading team supporting my brother and sister in this game show called Identity 亮相...i was so ecstatic that they won the top prize!!!! And i must say, the new game show hosts, Summy and Siu Yee are doing such a fantastic job in their new roles! Keep up the good work! ;p

MR cast and crew had another celebratory press lunch this week - i am so so thrilled that the response has been so great...i hear last week's ratings peaked over the 40 points mark (2.3 million viewers in HK! yikes!)..the support is so overwhelming and the success is really down to you guys, so Thank You again....i promise the series will get better and better as it progresses so please keep watching!

Im off on another trip this weekend - will post pics of my travels on here later ;)
I know i've promised many people to fill in a profile listing my fav things includ. food, colour, movies, etc...this will also be posted up very soon!

Hope everyone is doing well as always,
Lotsa Love,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

各位好! 今次係我第一次用中文同大家寫blog!^_^ hehe
今日係"家好"慶祝第一個禮拜收視成功既function, 又有機會同班fans見面, 真係好開心!
多謝大家對我既支持, 我知道自己要繼續努力同進步, 而大家對我既鼓勵說話, 我會記住喺心入面.
唔會令大家失望! 一齊加油!

Monday, August 4, 2008

More Pics!!!

yeung meh meh (sheep^^)
"Devil Woman!"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

MR Promotions!

So first and second round of promotions for MR have been completed with much success I'm glad to say.

First one at the bakery was so packed and crowded, it was rather surprising that the place filled so many people! Thanks to those who waited in the outside heat for so long! I know you guys were there for 3 hours or more - pls guys take it easy and remember to always look after yourselves though ^^ Thanks to yuen also for your present :)

I've just actually returned from the second one which was at Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan - Was so happy to see so many enthusiastic people and i managed to see all the banners and signs!! I really cannot thank you guys enough for the support...

If it's possible i hope to spend more time to chat/take pictures with you all at the next function - i thought today was rather rushed. I will try and spot you all next time - if possible, i hope you guys can manage to group together...but i know that can be tough!;p

See you guys on TV tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

2 weeks and counting!....

So MR officially airs in 2 weeks time! - i am excited about it as much as you guys are...i hope you all have the date/time saved in your alarms and diaries! ;p
I am right now on a mini vacation away from HK - will share pics with you all soon!
Take care guys and thanks for all the messages!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

PICS - Behind The Scenes!

i hope everyone managed to stay clear of the horrible T8 weather and are safe in their homes - HK is seriously in need of some proper summer weather, and i'm talking about more sunshine!!
anyways, hope the following could cheer up everyone's dampening mood :) -
i remember really clearly the scene you see below with that enormous was shot at 9am and everyone was struggling to keep their eyes open - but we all look pretty awake in the pics tho huh? ;p


funny scene at a classic karaoke-style bar
莎姨's birthday
poster shooting day
my lovely sister's wedding
my happy family and our gigantic mooncake!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PICS - Sneak Peak!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the filming of Moonlight Resonance (MR).

This wonderful cast, this wonderful family, has made the entire filming process so gratifying.
I pinch myself everyday for having the opportunity to work and act with such great peers - my brothers & sisters deserve an enormous thank you - thx for always looking out for me, for all the advice and for all the private moments we shared when it was much needed ;)

With time I will post more pics/videos - more sneak peaks of the shooting to come!


Playback time - the place where we crowd round to watch the end result of each scene - also the place where we laugh at NG moments and find out when our job is complete!
荷家 - Family orientated drama so much of the action happens within the household - here's a peak at what my living room looks like
祖家 - The place of evil..haha..(you'll know what i mean eventually) - i think you could see my step-mother somewhere in the picture ><


Me and my japanese schoolboy looking outfit

Me and my bro

First full-cast day - Image/Dress Rehearsal

Monday, June 23, 2008

First Blog

So this is it, my first posting @ my blog!
It's actually been an ambition of mine to have a long-running updated blog - it's pretty bare right now to say the least, but hopefully with time the layout and details will look a lot different to as it is now :)

First and foremost - i would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE
- to all the supporters that i have had the pleasure of meeting in person (thank you all for your kind words), to everyone that have left their best wishes online either on facebook (thx to janice and jacqueline for starting the groups) /forums (thx to the fans for starting the forums - i haven't had the chance to speak to you guys yet but i hope to do so one day :) ), to the people that have left messages on Louisa's blog - your letters of encouragement have seriously meant a great deal to me, to all the youtubers that have published my videos, and i guess in general to EVERYONE that is reading this right now....thank u from the bottom of my heart.

The experiences i have had in these past few months have definitely been the most exciting, breath-taking and overwhelming in my life thus's all new to me as much as i am new to everyone else in the's the beginning of a long long journey (i hope! and i say this with compassion and humility)..but I am glad to be able to share this part of my life with you all. I hope with this blog, we could all share something too - so please do not hesitate to leave your comments/messages - be it happy/sad/amusing/delightful/ long as they are true to the heart.
I look forward to taking this progressive journey together :)
So, here's to new beginnings...and LET'S ENJOY THE RIDE!