Monday, August 31, 2009's September already ...

WOW indeed!! Time has really flown by so fast - so quickly in fact, it's been nearly 3 months since my last post!! *_*
I have to sincerely apologise for the lack of updates on here .. i've found that i've been writing more and more on my Twitter and less on this blog - for some reason i cannot fathom, maybe because it's more convenient and quicker to "Tweet" lol .. So guys, if you have been missing my messages or just my stupid rambling ons, follow me!! ...

As for my work/latest news, i have a "My Schedule" blog ... (many thanks to Carmen for keeping this constantly updated^^)

Right now, im in the process of plugging and promoting my second single - the song is titled '極' (Extreme)!! Radio airplay should start this week, which means hopefully more radio interviews and live shows!! :)
I really love the composition and style of this song and i hope you guys do too - it's something that me and my producer (HUGE shout out to Hanjin!!) carefully decided to put out, as HK is seriously in need of reputable dance/club anthems!!
Pls be on the look out for the song - EXTREME love to you all ;)

At the 2009 Hong Kong Dance Marathon - Raising Funds for "Suicide Prevention Services"

At the MAC Make-up Artists Collection

Here's to new challenges that lie ahead -
SPEEDLAND - best Re Track singles of Speed is out!! Pls go support^^
This song is one of my favourites of the new concept of the video - just shows how we've all really grown ~