Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Gathering!!!

my laptop has decided to shutdown on's been difficult accessing the net but luckily i got my hands on a spare computer, so i'll be using this until my own one is fixed!

I really wanna say thx to everyone that attended the mini-gathering on sat ... it was indeed a very speacial day for me (hope for u guys too :P), and i really hope you all had as much fun as i did ... chatting to some of you guys and knowing more about your characters was such a cool experience, one i am so grateful for ... THANKS FOR MAKING IT A DAY TO REMEMBER!
Thank you to everyone that is keeping the forums active...thank you also for all the pressies i received that day!

for those that missed this function, NO FRET! hehe (i know most of you are on exams, and studying is DEFINITELY more important - good luck with it all!!!!), there will be more&more events/gatherings to come... i updated the group on sat, and 2009 is gonna be a very busy year for me ^^ fingers crossed we cross paths soon :)

CNY is coming up, i hope you all enjoy the holidays!!!
Love, Vx

reminder that i am setting up a V-Wan's Newsletter in the future - if you want to be included in the emails, send your Name, Email, Phone details(if applicable in HK) to
i am also on Twitter so come find me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mini Gathering and Twitter!!!!

I will be having a mini-gathering in HK on the Saturday 17th January 4.30pm @ Yo Park (Hung Hom)!!!
Just a small intimate crowd and a chance for me to chat/take pictures with you all!
If you could come, pls send an email to my assistant ... list your name and email/tel# contacts to register ... more details of the gathering will be sent to you ... hope i could see u there!!! :)

下星期六1月17曰會在Yo Park 有簽名會活動, 想黎既朋友請先 send email 留下姓名/telephone number 登記 la!!!

For those that wish to receive email updates from me in the future, you can leave your email to the above address too!!! :)

Also, since many people are using Twitter to communicate with their fans (even the future President-elect Barack Obama too!!!), i've decided to create my own account.
Twitter is basically a site where i can post mini-updates regarding my status and whereabouts. A small message will notify you of my contribution - useful if you wanna know what im getting up to ! :P
Check it out and sign up with me!

lots of love as always,


Monday, January 5, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!

Just want to leave a quick message and pass on my best wishes to you all for the beginning of this fantastic year!!!
May everyone prosper, fulfill dreams and remain in good health!!!
So much to look forward to in 2009 - cannot wait to share it with you guys!!!
All the best and love,

A couple of pics from the countdown event i attended - the crowd was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere gave all the attendees such an adrenaline rush - it was definitely a very exciting and happy occasion!
What did you guys end up doing for NYE??