Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Gathering!!!

my laptop has decided to shutdown on's been difficult accessing the net but luckily i got my hands on a spare computer, so i'll be using this until my own one is fixed!

I really wanna say thx to everyone that attended the mini-gathering on sat ... it was indeed a very speacial day for me (hope for u guys too :P), and i really hope you all had as much fun as i did ... chatting to some of you guys and knowing more about your characters was such a cool experience, one i am so grateful for ... THANKS FOR MAKING IT A DAY TO REMEMBER!
Thank you to everyone that is keeping the forums active...thank you also for all the pressies i received that day!

for those that missed this function, NO FRET! hehe (i know most of you are on exams, and studying is DEFINITELY more important - good luck with it all!!!!), there will be more&more events/gatherings to come... i updated the group on sat, and 2009 is gonna be a very busy year for me ^^ fingers crossed we cross paths soon :)

CNY is coming up, i hope you all enjoy the holidays!!!
Love, Vx

reminder that i am setting up a V-Wan's Newsletter in the future - if you want to be included in the emails, send your Name, Email, Phone details(if applicable in HK) to
i am also on Twitter so come find me!


momokoloves said...

Hi Vincent !
yay, i'm the first comment !(;
glad to know your gathering went well! aww, your pictures arent working ): it says bandwith exceeded. i cant wait until you have more events.(hopefully here in the US!;D )well, i hope your year is going great & hopefully, you'll be in more tvb movies soon ! oh yeah, how come i never see you on Scoop anymore? are you still doing that show? anyways, have a HAPPY CHiNESE NEW YEAR !
i love you vincent & please fix your pictures so all of us can see you <3

只因为恒 said...

Hi boy
i am Setastine!!so happy you updated you blog!!!
i am the second, so excited.
haha!!!!just hope you happy.
best wish

Minnie said...

im Minnie,the girl was the last one to come ur gathering(hehe).
anyway ur gathering is special for me cox it is the first time ive been to a Actor/Artist gathering and ive fun in there,thx for ur signature and take photo with us!(hope my grammer wasnt wrong=[!)

SILVA said...

hi vincent!!'i'm ur fan nice to meet u i must support you!!!i know you can success try ur best!!!luv ya!!

OMGitzSTELLA said...

Ohh the pics aren't working for me either :S I can't wait to see them but glad to hear that you had a very special day :D and was that line (i know most of you are on exams...) to me? LOL well, my exams ended yesterday and now I can enjoy the long CNY holidays!Yay! Speaking of CNY, I remember that last year you had an interview with Shayne Ward on Scoop and you guys wrote the word "福"... i laughed, esp at Shayne's but it's just coz they were too cute hahaha Anyway, Happy early Chinese New Year!

Stella xxx

::ζWaterLongSzeto :: said...

daer vincent...your picture cannot show on your blog..

but anyway...happy chinese new yesr~

Vin said...

yay fun fun... cheers for a new start for 2009


沙恩 said...

這一次來代表Vincent's Chinese Network來留言的^^
FANS 已經等你很久的啦...

沙恩 said...

這一次來代表Vincent's Chinese Network來留言的^^
FANS 已經等你很久的啦...

carmen said...

i am carmen from malaysia...
cant go for de gathering...
but hope u have a happy cny^^
i'm already follow in ur twitter~~

蘿定家 said...

vinny! when you gonna be in nyc? looked at your twitter and saw that update. i'm going during the last two weeks of march.


Nina said...

ahhh too bad i couldn't make the meeting >.< hehe that's why you should come to la sometime if you have time!! :D but i'm really glad it worked out so nicely!!

and happy chinese new year!! rest up lots and remember to not get sick!!

^-huayxll-^星 said...

wishing you have a happy and healthy niu year...
keep going!

Vin said...

yay your pictures work again =]

Rocky* said...

hey vinx,

saw u being force fed raw cabbage on 'scoop' yesterday with 森美+小儀 on da farm. nice boots and coat but...won't it get dirty there?? :p


SMC said...

Happy Lunar new year Vin!! 新年快樂 ~ ^^ xC.

Journal. said...

heh! you're too lazy to update!

Minnie said...

hi Vincent,Hapi CNY =]!
btw hv u receive my e-mail(abt music)?
tell me,thx(

Ram laxman said...