Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the month of march ...

WOW, it seriously has been a while since i've blogged about my whereabouts!!
i've been mostly tweeting (on Twitter!) as they call it these days
seems like a lot of people out there are catching up on's becoming a bit of an addictive craze!

This month of march has been a mix of building and developing - i've been going into the dance & recording studios a lot more...working with my teachers and producers - every lesson is such an experience and i definitely feel i learn something new everytime i step away from class.

I also have been attending a few events this march.

One was this MAC crossover Hello Kitty makeup launch event - it was interesting indeed as the layout and theme of the entire event was dark & mysterious with a touch of hot pink from hello kitty of course! I felt it was very punk rock glam and the turnout in numbers was pretty awesome with the whole place packed full of people!
One special gift i received was this limited edition kitty - very rare indeed!

I was also fortunate to get an invite to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Adidas this year - happy birthday sole n' stripes!!!!
The event took place in HK as well as in Taipei - here are some pictures, the year of 6009!

swimming pool

beer bath!

adidas living room

the legendary Stan Smith!!!!!!

jan and shu qi

funny looking toilet

In Taipei - visual display at the event

stage show

Im currently busy in and out of the recording studio - im glad to say that the first song has been decided and i am very excited about you guys hearing it soon!!! Many thanks to my amazing producer Ronald 伍樂城 and lyricist 林若寧 - i am so fortunate to have such incredible talents working with me for my first EP :) i won't say much until the song is released out in radio - but the idea for the theme and video should be pretty cool ;) the song name is 同居同學 - be sure to look out for it soon!!!!

much love and hope you are all well,

Vx - follow me on Twitter!!!


meikian said...

hello vincent! ^^ nice photos! can't wait to hear your new song too, hope to hear it really soon ^^

that hello kitty's so pretty! (:

great tt there was so much going on for you in march.. it's now already april.. hope it be a great month ahead for you! 加油!

ah-yi said...

hey vincent!!:D it's so great to see you update again :) im trying to slowly learn how to use twitter XD it looks kinda confusing at first :P i can't wait to hear your new song btw :) and the adidas photos look beautiful (esp. the living room XD) can't wait to hear more from you :)!

只因为恒 said...

hi!!so happy seeing you update your blog,love as always.
i have a long time that did not write leeter to you,sorry,because this term is so busy.and now i must have to go to school,so what i want to say at last is,hope you happy,vincent!!!!

Jakibabi. said...

Hey!havent seen u blogging for a longgg time!!
i followed you on twitter, its so addictive, its like an advanced version of updating facebook status except you can do it every 5 seconds and not annoy your friends haha.

NICE PICS!! really really cant wait til your EP comes out. its going to be the bomb im sure. ;)

that dress shu qi is wearing is soooooooo hot!!adidas is making really nice clothing this season, im in love with it!!!

good luck with everything and il catch u on twitter hehe...

xoxo jaki.

t.carmen said...

hey vincent...finally update blog...haha~~wait 4 ur new song ya~~

=pE|jUn= said...

hey vincent! greetin u from here in singapore!! ^^

all the best at work! and do visit singapore alrights!! =DD every yr different tvb stars will come singapore a few times. hope u will be the next! haha =DDDD

chey said...

u seem to have loads of fun in March=)and the pictures are so cool!!can't wait to hear yur new song=P

fookmonarchy said...

Hi Vincent, i dont actually know you but i do feel for you: come on, you are smart and handsome, you went to UCL. How on earth a person like you would want to throw yourself into rubbish Hong Kong showbiz. You have been exposed to proper entertainments and academia. You could have been so much better than pleasing dummies. Lets be honsest, TVB is shit.

I do appreciate your effort on telly but as a not-so-fashionable mainland resident myself i dont always get your humour though.

A Humble KCL Graduate

eternal.happiness said...

nice to see you update!
i enjoy reading your entries often.
i cannot wait for your album.
^^ will be looking forward to it.
take care xoxo

Nina said...

hi vincent! hehe it has been a long time since your last post, but it's great to see that you haven't given up on this blog yet ^^ (but i still follow you on twitter :D)

the photos are really nice! glad to see you had fun XD

can't wait to hear your new song! please keep us updated :)

Darren said...

dude i followed you on twitter but you don't follow anyone so how would you respond to others people when they write to you? i really have no idea how twitter works since i'm a noob but my name is darren on there so maybe you can "tweet" me sometime.. if that's what its called.

carol said...

Hey Vincent!
it's been a while since I've last commented you, been busy with school lately.
The hello kitty is really cute! Nice pics and I can't wait for your first EP, wish you success!

yanyanbaby said...

hi vincent:

very nice pics,,
but..i'm not going to use that toilet xD