Thursday, May 7, 2009

the feeling that summer has arrived....

so i hope you all are enjoying the weather as much as i am!!! :)

im lovin' the fact that during the daytime it's sunny+breezy and then at night things cool down so that there's a slight chill in the air...i know i know, this type of weather will never last long in hk ...but im crossing my fingers, that it will stick for some time! plsss humid heat wave don't come soo soon!!! This is truly the feeling of the beginning of Summer....

So since my last update, i did my very FIRST emcee gig w/ Nespresso - boy was i sooo nervous. The client was extremely supportive and i really have to give them a huge THANK YOU - you guys rock - be sure to see more nespresso-ness in the future from me (you'll know what i mean later :) ) hehe..

me nervously reading my script before the event started!

Will keep you guys posted on when my song hits the radio - i've heard the final mix version of it, so it'll be REAL soon - unbelievably excited!!! :) :) :)

thumbs up to Taylor Swift again, her new vid is so cute :)


and WOW....

i've heard a clip of their new single of course amazing as usual :p - can't wait for 5.27.09 !!!


t.carmen said...

i am malaysian...malaysia 365days also summer~~so hot+++
i love taylor song too~~

Anonymous said...

yay, a new update from vincent! LOL
how i've longed for your updates :):)
hehe.. nespresso?? im lost =[

apparently its HOT over there.. but its like freezing our butts off here >< its autunm here in sydney ^^;

Gary@Vincent Dream said...

都全力BACK UP你..
大家仍然期待你第一個OB FUNZ...

胡寶茹 said...

Yay! Glad you updated Vincent!
You still look so cute even when reading your script! =)
Awaiting to hear your new song!
Add oil Add oil! =)

Vin said...

keep it up vincent !!! =]

pearl said...

I've always thought that it's so cool to be an emcee. What a great talent u got there. I hate the weather here in LA so darn extreme (hot during the day and cold at night). So, hey, are you going for singing/hosting/acting now?
Way to go, Vince =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Vincent!
Read over at AsianFanatics that you're releasing an EP soon so dropping by to wish you good luck.

Looking forward to hearing your debut song!

Ga Yau! Jia You! Gambatte! Hwaiting!...etc

And I just noticed you graduated from too!...a few years back...=S do you get a feeling of being old? or is that just me? haha

MichelleValdez said...

a song from vincent ? ohh sweett ! (: said...

hey, yeah, speed is back with new single, and new best album soon. :)) check them out at


KKVL said...

i loved that taylor swift video too! just so cute..teh ending..haha..

another fellow malaysian like t.carmen'll be missing the sun tho... going over to uk for uni..belfast to be exact.. =)