Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Lovin'

So i can say it's been a pretty busy past week for me..!

Was in Seoul, Korea the weekend just gone...i LOVE that place so much!!! ATE and ATE and ATE so much haha...i gotta say, i never get tired of korean bbq :)
Actually there was a purpose behind the whole trip, which was to locate this korean commercial song that i will be doing a cover of...more details of that once i get in the recording studio!! :P
HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP - Going to the PCD concert!! haha...though im sure you guys know cos i tweeted it b4...they were awesome as expected..amazing performers..!!!

Since coming back, i've been doing a lot of radio promotions - ive now been on all major broadcasting channels, and these interviews are actually kinda fun...bit of a laugh and not so serious, and it's always nice to meet the guys you always hear on air..!

The Solar Project 2009 voting is still ongoing -
Please vote (for me! hehe) if you haven't checked it out yet..!
We did a group interview yesterday and i finally got to meet the other guys in the project too...all very friendly and a neat bunch to talk to :) glad everyone is working hard to achieve their aspirations and goals in this tough industry - we all must jia yeo!!!

Coming weeks i have YES! School Tour (pls check out dates in my "My Schedule" blog - if you don't know already you can locate the link at the bottom of main page!) on the lookout for Sing Tao daily newspaper and Ming Pao magazine becus i did feature interviews with them this week too!

For those that haven't checked out the MV yet - here it is!!! It will be out in Cali Red / Red Box by this week...gooooo karaokeeeeee!!!! hehe
much love,


ll0776 said...

haaa!!!!!!! great song!

carol said...

Hey Vincent,
Love the song and the MV! I'm glad you had a great time in Korea! btw I have no clue how to vote xD I'm going to ask my cousin for help haha. Take care <3

Carol @ Philly

嘉文 said...

wahh vincent u look so cute in the mv 8D
greetings from costa rica la

Athena said...

Wow...the necklace in the MV is so unique and cute! Great song...especially the chorus part! =) keep up the great work!!

Vowy said...

finally the mv is done!
nice song!^_^

chibi said...

hmmmm.. I don't really understand what happened in the MV, someone mind explaining? XD Were they at school? Are students not allowed to date or something? What's wrong with dating??

ah yi said...

AWWW! im listening to the song right now, Vincent :D it sounds soooo goood! I can't wait till more songs get unplugged :) hehehe! AND AWW .. PCD CONCERT?! LUCKY :) and Korea tooo! :) hehehe must have been a spendid time eh?!:) Well take care and hope to see you blog more often :D:D

Neas said...

Say in Chinese " ho ho tan"
Support u GA , keep it up, never give up !

ChelleBELL. said...

i love it!!! :):)
i got JEALOUS WHEN YOU KISSED THE GIRL!!!!! =[ but i know its just acting.................................. right? :D hahaha

looking good as always <3
where did you get the necklace
it looks hektic!

keep up the good work

xoxo Mishelle

karenwantsrainbows said...

lol eatings good i like eating but i wonder it tasted like i mean the korean food. its the food there chilli?

enough bout the food great song u have there

karenwantsrainbows said...


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