Monday, June 23, 2008

First Blog

So this is it, my first posting @ my blog!
It's actually been an ambition of mine to have a long-running updated blog - it's pretty bare right now to say the least, but hopefully with time the layout and details will look a lot different to as it is now :)

First and foremost - i would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE
- to all the supporters that i have had the pleasure of meeting in person (thank you all for your kind words), to everyone that have left their best wishes online either on facebook (thx to janice and jacqueline for starting the groups) /forums (thx to the fans for starting the forums - i haven't had the chance to speak to you guys yet but i hope to do so one day :) ), to the people that have left messages on Louisa's blog - your letters of encouragement have seriously meant a great deal to me, to all the youtubers that have published my videos, and i guess in general to EVERYONE that is reading this right now....thank u from the bottom of my heart.

The experiences i have had in these past few months have definitely been the most exciting, breath-taking and overwhelming in my life thus's all new to me as much as i am new to everyone else in the's the beginning of a long long journey (i hope! and i say this with compassion and humility)..but I am glad to be able to share this part of my life with you all. I hope with this blog, we could all share something too - so please do not hesitate to leave your comments/messages - be it happy/sad/amusing/delightful/ long as they are true to the heart.
I look forward to taking this progressive journey together :)
So, here's to new beginnings...and LET'S ENJOY THE RIDE!



Jetsetastic said...

Vince, I am CRAZY FOR YOU! You are my SUMMER LOVE! Congrats on the show, I'm sure it will be a great success! It's raining today so don't forget your UMBRELLA when you head out ok? Anyway, DON'T STOP MOVING.........
Much love.

小玲_Darling said...

to vincent,

Roxane said...

let's go on a secret rendezvous! xoxoxo!!! ;)
*congrats on your new blog*

tvb_fredcheng said...

wish u the very best

SY said...


guess u have more time updating your blog now as MR's filming has been wrapped up...well, hope that the drama will be a huge success with high ratingsss...:D

Bosco said...

hi!my name is bosco.I which your perform the tele-play your acting is very well for the newlywed.If you have time to Guangzhou I will to carry you to sightseeing everywhere and to carry you to sightseeing Guangzhou's history.I hope we can become a good friend.My mailbox is I hope you can reply me.I wait your reply Vincent!
Hi Vincent how are you?Are you so busy this days?Can we become a friend?I very very want become a friend of you,my english not very well if you don'n see understand please don't to take offence.Because this is my first use english to writing.IF you not mind I can teach you Chinese and Cangdongese.
Vincent my mailbox is Wellcome you anytime to find me
I support you.Make efforts refuel.

Leeman said...

Hi Vincent, did you draw the picture on top of your blog? It looks nice.
Enjoy working for TVB so far? I hope you do.
All the best buddy.

mish said...

hello there!

i was watching moonlight resonance and i saw you in there so i decided to google you up! XD And guess what? I found my way here heehee.

actually, i decided to google you up because i saw you in one of the interviews and you looked like one of the korean guys in one of the idol groups hahaha

anyway, all the best! will be looking forward to more of your stuff ;D

T小囡~Rainy said...

like u so much ....
and wish u happy everyday!
support u .....

Mrs.Koala said...

OMG Vincent, Ur so cute (sorry 2 use this word for some1's older than me -___-) but u really ARE CUTE lol!
I love ur performance in MR, awesome work for first trial! Ur talented! Keep up the work please! Then we will have more chances to see how u're doing~Jia Dou~
BTW I can't believe that there is actually a celebrity put sometime 2 update their blogs 2 inform 2 their fans.. Ur legend! LOL
I was really amazed when we have so much common hobbies (esp Naruto and Bleach LOL... OMG I'm crazy abt Bleach hehe) and dreams~
Japan Japan Japan~~~ Can't wait til having enough money 2 go there (U've been in Japan rite... Lucky you ^o^)...

I'm not sure whether u will have time 2 chek out my random message... but yeah Good luck Vincent! Enjoy every moment of your life! Have fun in all of your work and yeah BE HAPPY ^o^


Liny (Mrs. Koala lol --->>> wat a lame name)