Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PICS - Sneak Peak!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the filming of Moonlight Resonance (MR).

This wonderful cast, this wonderful family, has made the entire filming process so gratifying.
I pinch myself everyday for having the opportunity to work and act with such great peers - my brothers & sisters deserve an enormous thank you - thx for always looking out for me, for all the advice and for all the private moments we shared when it was much needed ;)

With time I will post more pics/videos - more sneak peaks of the shooting to come!


Playback time - the place where we crowd round to watch the end result of each scene - also the place where we laugh at NG moments and find out when our job is complete!
荷家 - Family orientated drama so much of the action happens within the household - here's a peak at what my living room looks like
祖家 - The place of evil..haha..(you'll know what i mean eventually) - i think you could see my step-mother somewhere in the picture ><


Super Trotter said...

Vince, this is a fantastic thing you started! getting us very excited. we will love and support you always. enjoy everything you are doing and keep updating us with your latest news.

tons of love and blessings to you.


EOE said...

It's astounding to hear from u in form of blog!!
Longing to watch ur 家好月圓!!
Support u always>v<

jacqueline.s said...

wow Im so fascinated at how the set of the homes looks like..I always thought those "dining room" scenes were taken inside a big house but its not ;__; you should take more behind the scene pics!!they are so funnn ^_^ take care <3

ling said...

hey, so great to see you are having such a blast! can't wait to hear more about your latest news. keep us updated... sending luv n support! x

karen said...
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neegee said...

Hello Vincent! Haha... I'm a fan of the show from Malaysia and stumble upon your blog through accident. My family and I really enjoy watching MR! LOL! How I wish my family is really like that in the show.

By the way, that house where the 'Hong Yi' lives in is a set?? But it seems so real! I really thought TVB owns damn a lot of mansions...

Anyway, keep up the good work! I really hope to see you in more dramas ahead! Go Vincent!