Monday, July 14, 2008

2 weeks and counting!....

So MR officially airs in 2 weeks time! - i am excited about it as much as you guys are...i hope you all have the date/time saved in your alarms and diaries! ;p
I am right now on a mini vacation away from HK - will share pics with you all soon!
Take care guys and thanks for all the messages!


karen said...
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YAN XANGA* said...

hello,, how are you? i am Anthea. i'm looking forward [MOONLIGHT RESNANCE] i hope i can see you in funtion!!
i will support you forever!

jaki.s said...

Have fun and enjoy your vacation!! <3 <3 and Happy Birthday!!!! ^__^

Winki said...

Already watched the first two episodes, you will appear in the third episode, aren't you? Looking forward to see you, your first drama in TVB. Support! :)

bbqplayer said...

yor~~!!! episode 3 u already went back to england...also din say why you always no mood then gone back...make people so 'gan jiong'..when you will come back agn???!!!T.T

..fall in love to miss...haha~~!!!

ryl said...

support vincent wan to the max!!!

please join my facebook group in
support for Vincent Wan!


Your Fan Always,

Ryan Lee

Bosco said...

Hi Vincent how are you?Are you so busy this days?You ask for take notice of your body.More than take a rest.

Joey said...


Candy =] said...

love watching you in MR
its getting better and better
its so funny the more i watch it the more i can relate to "chung jai's" character haha
well in the acadmeic part =D
anywayz heaps love watching you
and do u like
leona lewis- better in time?
haha =]

Amanda said...

I love the show... If there is any update, pls also send it to my

Eventhough it's the 1st time I see you in the show but I'm sure you'll make a gud actor in future...


Leo's Kingdom (nearest from the God) said...