Sunday, July 27, 2008

MR Promotions!

So first and second round of promotions for MR have been completed with much success I'm glad to say.

First one at the bakery was so packed and crowded, it was rather surprising that the place filled so many people! Thanks to those who waited in the outside heat for so long! I know you guys were there for 3 hours or more - pls guys take it easy and remember to always look after yourselves though ^^ Thanks to yuen also for your present :)

I've just actually returned from the second one which was at Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan - Was so happy to see so many enthusiastic people and i managed to see all the banners and signs!! I really cannot thank you guys enough for the support...

If it's possible i hope to spend more time to chat/take pictures with you all at the next function - i thought today was rather rushed. I will try and spot you all next time - if possible, i hope you guys can manage to group together...but i know that can be tough!;p

See you guys on TV tomorrow! :)


yan said...

I was glad to receive a moon cake from your hand..THANKYOU>3< You are so handsome...<3

NG said...
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ahyee said...


jaki.s said...

aww Jaki wish she was still in HK now!!>___< Good luck with everything!!!! Can't wait to see MR!!It's not out yet in Australia ... : ( have to wait until August...damn


Jeffrey said...

indeed the drama has kept the best from the previous one
looking forward to see your performance and finally there's a blog which is from your own hands instead of hearing your news in your colleague's blog
wish u the best

kenneth said...

Hope your program have a high audience rating!

- ▎ζWATER || ¡**º¹:: said...

hope the drama "Moonlight Resonance"can be the bestr and the popular drama in HK!

- ▎ζWATER || ¡**º¹:: said...

hope the drama "Moonlight Resonance"can be the bestr and the popular drama in HK!

brilliantstar_11 said...

Vincent, you're so handsome <3 :)

floristwitheart said...

you are so cute and sexy in episode 3 ;) broody awwww i was like dang i wanted to hug u to make u feel better lmfao ... CUTEEE

Samantha said...

Vicent, add oil! i'm a big fans of you since your fist interview in Entertainment Scoop!! wish u all the best. i can't wait to watch MR tonight!

alicia said...

Vincent, I'm Alicia & I'm glad to see u on TV again.hope u can have a great time in TVB and become a famous actor.

cherylawz said...

vin,it's nice that we can see you everynight now.
please take good care of yourself.
wish you all the best!
supporting you always


Winki said...

Just finished watching ep.3 of MR. um...You didn't speak much and seem very quiet and pale. Probably becos 中仔 this character is a introvert and lack of confidence (?). BTW, me definitely will keep watching MR and pls add oil~~~

yu <3 said...

after watching ep3,I am now
looking forward to your performance.
Your character is good
and you voice is really soft^^
I like it!

UM ,work hard!!
That's what I want to say :)
We will keep supporting you!

Will you reply the comment?
If no,nevermind!
It is not important ^^


It's surprising to find your blog by mistake. Aha,looking forward to your performance.

Stella said...

HI!! Vincent! AWESOME to see you starring in a drama!! I've noticed you on 東張西望you were such an awesome anchor.. hahaha!! I can't wait to see your parts in MR!! Its going to be really exciting!! So what are you up to lately?? haha since the drama being broadcast? =) Too bad I can't come over to HK to support you and the others... because I live in Boston.. so really sad.. I've been to HK when I was 6 ir 7? So I would love to go back there some day! hahaha

Anita said...

so happy to see you on tv again!!

m jai :) said...

you are so hot so cute so sweet!!!
i wanna give you a big hug :P

Stella said...

I saw you in EPISODE 3333!!! It was cool.. but you didn't talk much.. its like if you're sad... its good though! You're acting! JIA YOU! So can't wait to see the rest of it! ^-^ too bad I'm leavin on August 3.... for my trip to Maine... for sailing and rockclimbing for three weeks! I come back on the 23rd.. so wish you guys luck and I would keep up with the episodes!

Sean yee said...

hi vincent, a good starting point from drama itself.. a well talented guy..put more effort and soon you will me famous, anyway take care healthy is more important..
by the way u having same characteristics as in the drama in the real life itself?..

Daniel said...

halo,, i like u so much and i think u hv a gd performancing in the TV, my Xanga is hope u can take a look and leave some comment for me,, God Bless ~

Sue said...

since your fist interview in Entertainment Scoop,I began to pay attention to your clothes.haha~~~

Isene said...

hi..^^VINCENT..I am your fans You pat the family good month center young role good to beForever will support you^^..

kayin_mimi910 said...

vincent,,you are really cute on that drama haha x)
but cant see your smile-w-

kayin_mimi910 said...
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bbloveria said...

you are so cute.

hiuyan said...

vincent? fans from hongkong. here to tell u that ur acting in MR is reli nice, support u for sure..! addoil n i chase for it everynite becos of u actually...hahaa ^^lonic a

Winki said...

Hi Vincent, just finished watching ep.4. May I give you some comments regarding your performance? Hope you dun mind :) The first scene performed well, facial and emotional expressions were good :) can feel that you got something weighing on your mind ( = 中仔's mind). But in the second scene (@airport), even thou there's just few diagolues , but you spoke a little bit faster than normal, i am sorry i can't hear what you said and needed to read the subtitles. But overall your performace as a newbies are good enough.
Hope you dun mind my comments above. Um...may be i am too censoriousness. Sorry, just want you to hv improvements and wish it can help you in the future. Pls add oil~~

joyce :) said...

hi vincent :)
this is the first time i leave a comment here :]
glad to see you in the new drama series and i bet it was really a great chance for you to act with experienced actors and actresses :)
looking forward to seeing you more on TV :) keep on working hard*
Wish you all the best in everything you are doing!
supports :] (i like smiles*)
joyce :)

musasalolz said...

u really funny and handsome huh V3V'
i really wan to be a friend with u...can u add me pls lolz
waiting for u

Stella said...

I just finshed episode 4!!! It's said that ur character is leaving T-T.. I know you'll come out later..

kakit said...

1‧Cheer up, work hard, i wll support you, pay more afford...
2‧i wish you can have a good performance in Moonlight Resonance
3‧i will keep an eye on you

kakit said...

Cheer up, work hard, i wll support you, pay more afford... ^O^

ht said...

Hey you're so handsome in the drama. And your eng is wonderful! when i surfing just like reading my textbook ! but actually reading your blog is much fun !
i hope you could away up data yourb blog and hope your next drama!

Janet said...

u're very handsome>V<
Work hard and u're the bestXD
I'll support u!!!

musasalolz said...

so sad...u dun wan to add my msn'

Ceci Ng said...

Add Oil Guy

brilliantstar_11 said...

Vincent, have you got any informations about the next promotion? :)

anne_ayumi said...

i have watched ur first work---MR.
although u only appeared two(两集), i think ur performance well done.

my english is not pretty good,so something i cant speak in English. but i will try my best to speak in english, and i hope u can understand my meaning.

manjai said...

hi Vincent,
i make a forum for you.
I hope you can give the comments for us if you have free times.
I give forum address you next time.
sorry,my english very bad.


ah yi said...

Vincent :D

this is my first time leaving a message for you ^^" I've been watching Moonlight Resonance. You look great in that drama .. ehee =) I'll looking forward to more of you in the drama. ADD OIL!! :D

JoNo said...

You're amazing. I wish I was in Hong Kong =(

poofiemoosie said...

i'm looking forward to your scenes in moonlight resonance! =D even though only 5 episodes are out so far, the series is already so intense!

hahahaha, i see that you like dbsk's forever love too =D

lisa's said...

vincent...i know you from the Moonlight Resonance

and i like your performance here.

surppot you

ryl said...

Vincent =)
I wish I was related since my family has the same last name as you [Wan]!!! Great performance :]

Pan said...


esther said...
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MingMing said...

I'm MingMing.
Are u remember me ?
I saw u today at 將軍澳中心.
There are my name in the card
(The card was sent to you form a girl,but she is not me)
i'm looking forward to your next function.
Hope you will always update your blog and post your schedule at here.

I'm waiting for your next shot in 溏心風暴之家好月圓 ! I think your performance is not bad although this is your first experience !
Add oil: )

Vincent,Always be happy*V*

ryl said...

support vincent wan to the max!!!

please join my facebook group in
support for Vincent Wan!


Your Fan Always,

Ryan Lee

floristwitheart said...

u and tavia are really cute , taviai s my favorite actress for like couple years now and u and her seem to be really good friends....

glad u met some great friends while filming tvb series for the first time :)

come to vancouver XD!!!!

Mandyse said...

Hi Vincent !

Thank you for giving some of your time so that I could keep a souvenir of that day !
I hope you can see the picture clicking on the following link :

Actually I come from France and I have to admit that I have never heard about you before ! But your kindness and your performance on MR convinced me to keep an eye on you =p =p

I hope I would meet you again before I go back to Paris !


Mandyse said...
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Bosco said...

Hi Vincent how are you?Are you so busy this days?You ask for take notice of your body.More than take a rest.

craziigrl530 said...

heyy vincent!
i was just done watching MR and glad to say you did a GREAT job!
i'm supporting you all the way so hope to see you in other TVB series!
man i wish i was in hong kong, it's hard to find videos of interviews from hong kong when you live in USA *sigh* lol well anyways good luck! luv ya!...oh and also make sure you tell Tavia Yeung Yi and Fala Chen that i luv them too!

HJMcrew said...

hey vincent
i luv uuuuuu soo bad man i want to be in hong kong
hope ur gonna be in other movies ur character though is kinda bland tell the director to make you more exciting luuuuuvvvv yyyyyaaaaa