Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something interesting that was forwarded to me...

It's a poll done by one of the biggest newspapers in hk...

1) Best actor/actress
2) Worst actor/actress :(
3) Most likeable character
4) Most hated character :(

UPDATE: thanks guys for the comments, don't worry i know this poll's just for fun ;p
about the function on the 8/24 - somehow it hasn't been confirmed yet!? i've heard so many news about this, but i haven't been contacted with any information. I'm so touched that the forum ppl are meeting up to discuss banners, etc....if the function doesn't happen, maybe i could organise a meet/greet with you guys before the summer holidays are over? i'll update asap once i know what's going on....thanks guys for your patience;)


fer=) said...

Don't be worry about this=)
Never let this little thing affect you=)
Keen on to do better.

I hope you can understand my bad english..;(

your fans.

delıαииα ♥; said...

dur, its me with the weird name~

Don't be so upset! Don't let something idiotic like this affect you because WE know that you're TRULY the best :)

We are always there for you~
Be happy! :) :)

- a fan named delianna ~

carol said...

Don't get upset over this ;) this is just some stupid poll no need to get affected. As long as we fans support you and know you're the best it's all good.
will always be there to support you and be there for you =)
between I created a forum for you and it's in English since I've looked everywhere and didn't find an english forum :) do come visit but it's still under construction.:

best regards,

kkfever said...

it's just a poll...
the only that matters is: believe in yourself because i believe in you.
btw, i just finished watching eps. 16. u look funny dressed as a girl!! xD

delıαииα ♥; said...
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delıαииα ♥; said...

oops, deleted that by accident
i agree with the post above mine.
i couldnt stop laughing..

vincent~ keep working hard~
ADD OIL~ .. uhm i dont know how the.. pronounciation for that in cantonese.. since i have bad cantonese grammar.. ish.


momokoloves said...

Hi Vincent !
just dont worry about the polls. HK people are the harshest critics =/ i love you no matter what people say! I'm watching MR everyday now and i love you in it! You should come the USA soon and do some functions over here or something ! Are you going to be in any more movies soon? i can't wait to see you in other stuff. And post up more of your pictures ! I love seeing your pictures (;
vincent FIGHTING ! 加油 !
love you <3

you can email me @

inspired said...

Hey Vincent!
I saw this a couple of days ago but hey, the important thing is that you're improving! Everyone has to start out somewhere, and eventually the become awesome actors. You're doing really well already and I'm really excited to see what else you'll be doing in future episodes!
AND, you taking singing lessons! You'll improve in no time!

1000℃XSA said...


只因为恒 said...

家恒  我永远Support YOU

GO go!
我从几千个东张西望的视频里从早看到晚上一个一个的找你的INTERVIEW.你主持的SO WELL


Winki said...

No worry about the poll, we will support u always! We all agreed that your performance in MR are improving scenes by scenes. Looking forward to see you in new drama. Please add oil.


MrMing said...

Just relax about it=], your have done your best already
All of us are giving you 100% of support in anytime
And the members of vincentwkh forum have a meeting on 23/8 to finished the brands(not sure about the name)which is needed to be used on 24th act.

Forever support!! By M!nG

Yvonne said...

hi Vin,
I don't know why ppl said words of comfort here. I am confident that you will have a high ranking in this poll.
This is your virgin show, and I am sure many ppl will be impressed by your performance. Just think about how many young artists will envy you have such a good opportunity to take part in the best TV serial of the year.
Once you are popular, you have to enjoy the pressure and get used to live under the magnifier. I am sure you will and you can.

wing said...

Hello Vincent this is the third time to leave you message, it’s so nice to see you update the blog and I have polled for it...My friend using the working holiday visa for visiting Australia before and meet many friends come from UK, he said they all so friendly and nice! Could you mind share more about your life in there when you have time? A typhoon called ‘鸚鵡’ is coming and remember to take care of yourself ^.^ I really love this warm and peace place very much!

Kenneth_hei said...

Don't worry about the poll~
No matter how the results is,
you stills has a group of fans supporting you~
Never give up! ~
Add oil~!

I hope you can understand what I mean... since I don't know how to express me feeling...

Support U :)

shan:) said...
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shan:) said...

Don't need to worry about that,
because we will always SUPPORT you:)

you know:D?


Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said...

Hello Vincent,I'm Andrea^^
Don't be too worry about that poll,
I've vote for you for the:
1) Best actor/actress
3) Most likeable character
I don't think you're the worst actor or the most hated character.You did better and better on every episode.The worst actor is XXX,can't tell that, cause his fans might be very angry about that!!XDD

Support you forever^^

panyoosung said...

hello vincent,
you are considered good since this is your first ever drama..
you are great to memorize the script which are in chinese..
we know that you will keep improving in the future..
by the way, i really like to listen to forever love which in your profile.
do you like tohoshinki?

`Kimmy* said...

i'm your fans .
my name is kimmy*
vincent! don't be worry
and don't be so upset
i will support you ( :
if you have free time
hope you will go to your forum to leave a messenger to us ..
don't be give up ( ;

車車=) said...

difficult to choose!

kaniko said...

vincent dont be worry la~
i will support you @_@
你已經做得很好了-v-dont be upset la

i am your fans~
add oil

::ζWaterLongSzeto :: said...

Haha!!!I'll sipport You...
I wantnna you to be the best actor in the "家好月圓"...
Of couse...don't worry...I always support U!!

Piggy SandyLicious said...

Hey!! Vincent... Don;t worry and be happy..!!!

pepcojenny said...

hey Vin, i think the most hated character will definitely be AUNTY SA!!!yeh~~she won it!! i was so sick of her~she is so annoying and nosiy all the time!!reli want to slap her and ask her to shut up!lol..but u did ur best effort!i can see that~+OIL! =)
loves,Jenny@Melbourne Australia

林小莉 said...

Hey Vincent :D:D:D
no need to care about this "survey"..
This survey is not reliable as its results are inaccurate!!!
last week i read APPLE DAILY, knew "徐子珊" was No.2 or NO.3.. i forget..
but that time (until now) she hasn't performed yet..
how authentic u can know!!!! ;)

x 小莉

karen said...
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Hannah W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WinNIE" said...

hi!!i think you don't care these!!
Fighting!!don't give up!!hey!!XD
i want to say sth about me.
Listen!!we are both CANCER!!

IF you give me opportunity,i hope you can teach me English!!XP

Add Oil Vincent,
don't worry!!

大頭傑 said...


kelly* said...

hi Vincent,,
u r still fresh to acting so dats v normal if u r not yet accepted by the public.
just do yr best n keep on improving:)
best wishes,,

SillyYun said...

Don't worry, there's always pros and cons.
Just don't let small things affect you.
See all of us here?
Isn't that something good in what u achieved?

maxtsiumax said...

nothing is started with good result at the begining!
so try your best to achieve the goal!

Mizuki said...

Hey Vincent!
Haha i finally found ur blog! lol this is my first comment. XD i had to open an account to comment -_-"
I started watching 'moonlight resonance' and i think that u look really cute in the series! hehe~ Even though u don't have much dialogue, i'm really curious to see ur character develop more! =] Your role in MR is really interesting =D
Good luck!~ and ganbatte!
From ME =] hehe~
P.S is this really Vincent's blog? XD...

YAN XANGA* said...

is me i am happy that see you update your blog!
i am so sorry that i have sth change for our forum.
and our forum was

and your id and the pw is same that what i gave you..

maxtsiumax said...

So, you said that you had a trip, where have you been?

婷仔xDDDD said...

it's just a poll,,haha!!!
just for fun<<< you are understood too.. anyways we are support you.....^_^

Chan Pui Mun said...

vincent ! ;D
you look so cute in MR. heh.
all the best, alrightey ?

Kalei said...

Hey Vincent!

yeah, it's just a bit of long as u know that us fans are supporting u is more than enough to keep a smile on ur face!hehe..

btw, watched the 1st ep of MR last night on the chinese channel in the UK!!!i'm still waiting for ur appearance...tell them to hurry up!haha....

anyways, keep up the good work! "lo lik, gar yau!!!!!"

marimarihk said...

hi,vincent! me again-V-
See , everyone use English here because of you.hee ~ happy to see you update your blog again!And know more about you!
today see your girl face on tv,it makes me and family really happy,can't stop laughing!

I don't know i will go to that fuction or not because it seems not really have time..but i will try my best to adjust my schedule! Hope to see you ^^

Dawn said...

I bet you're a strong guy when it comes to facing these useless polls. Need not have to worry. =D
It wouldn't affect you.

Actually, its my first time visiting your blog. ^^ LOL. I'll keep on supporting you no matter what happens.


CoCo said...

I've voted for the best actor n'
the most likeable character for ya!
lol! I really hope to chat with ya!
Hope to see your new post soon!
See ya!
With losta love,
CoCo xo

kk said...

Haven't really watched Moon Resonance.
Just have a few peeks of the tv drama..
I support you though..Hope can see you acting in more tv dramas (or anything) soon...

From KK(malaysian)

john said...

No need to get affected by these posts Vincent, and i voted for you for most likeable and best actor.XD
Hope you win for best actor and most likeable. I think that i am speaking for everyone here, to us you are always the best. (You did look kinda funny in episode 16 dressed as a girl.) Srry can't go to your function or meet/greet meeting, I live in the US. :(

~Your Fan Always

john said...

Woops i meant polls up there not posts XD

rainee said...

Hi there again vincent =) my second time commenting. always love it when u update! =)too bad i wont be able to support you at your functions cuz im in toronto...but i think all ur other fans will be there to support! MR is getting better and better! hope the evil will never win! hahahah im getting so into it =P i think u like to take comments/constructive critism because u want to always yeah i think ur acting of course has much more to improve upon, but really and honestly, for a first-timer and in such a big production, i really really think ur acting is as good as it could hav been at that point! hope to see more of ur dramas in the future =) neways hope u update soon =)

wing said...

This is my fourth message leave to Vincent, feel happy to see another update again…‘MR’ is so exciting and your girl look is very funny ^.^ I concentrate to watch most Olypmics competitions these two weeks, found that being a sportsman is not an easy job same as an actor/idol. Although sometimes the life is hard, but I can get many energy from here!

alicia said...

no matter how u decide and your performance in MR is so amazing!!u have done a wonderful job really !!I'm looking forward to see your performance again !!

Elwin Wong said...

Vincent, you don't be worry about the competition....just for fun only
If you really do the best one can,that's good already~

Hope you always happy,good luck

Joey said...

Hi Vincent how are you?I watch the "Moonlight Resonance"you do it very well.To refuel Vincent.

Bosco said...

Hello Vincent!Long time no see how are you?I see the "Moonlight Resonance"every day,you do it very well and I usually advert you.If you have free time can you write back to me?Because I want tall to you.

lau824 said...

heey vincent : )

i`m sure you'll do a lot better sooner or later !
don't give up ! ahaha~
some fans are just really harsh on actors and actresses, they'll understand you soon : )
i really think your acting skills are great : )
you'll get much better : )

hehe ^-^ ~dona

Kalei said...

Hey Vince!

I just read that your fave singer, Leona Lewis, will be at the the olympics closing ceremony for the flag handover to London...hehe...that should put a smile on your face too!


K x x

Joey said...

How do you do Vincent.Recent favour?Pain?To order rest more don't would not° until tired and bad oneself be good.See"the Moonlight Resonance" you play last night of very good.I support you forever.If do you have the mail that the words of time reply me?Because I want very much to want very much to want very much to think very much really with you to chat!!I want to be a friend with you very much, please ask can?My mailbox is 843841304@ qq.coms to wait your reply!!

Bosco said...

Hi Vincent do you recent favour?Your acting skill say for a new hand,a New appointee that is already very good, you certainly spend not a few efforts Be practicing a drama and learning Cantonese, to?My English isn't too good, if you understand and is offended.If you mind, I can also in aid of your Chinese,Cantonese of.If you don't mind me to also hope we can be previous help each other of good friend.You have to notice body, don't fall sick, have the stage manners attention to keep warm recently.Welcome you to deliver mail to 867616925@ qq.coms to seek my chat at any time.Good tidings waited for you Vincent!!

Wilson Lo said...

Hey Vincent, just take it easy, it's usually happens.

Will support you always. Hope can see you in the remaining MR episodes and your performance in your new assignments.

Wish you have fun at your vacation in last couples days and in the future life.Wish all your dreams come true and all the best to you.

Wilson from Malaysia

Lorita said...

Hey Vincent
How are you recently?
Thankyou for reading our comments!
Hope to see you soon !

JILL said...


meikian said...

interesting poll ^^
MR's getting more exciting!
hope to see more of chung zai~ (:

takecare vincent!

MilEy^^ said...

umh just do your best..
i like your performance in MR
i'm look forward to your new performance.
i support u

(what a poor english:( i hope you can understand my heart that support u...


your fan,MilEy^^

RYO_L said...


留個COMMENT比你 講返聲加油啦 :)

KATHY AU said...

haha,but you are the 'new actor'.Don't be scare because you will do better in the future,but i think your acting is ok!Even though you are nova,but i certainly
to support you!^_<..加油..

*my the worst,hope you can know waht am I say it..haha,but I know I will wrong many 'grammar'...hehehehe...muhaha


RayMond Tan said...

hi vincent...jz feeling surprise tht i m born in the same date with
by the way, hope u noe ya in's ma f'ster..


inspireirax said...

Heey, MR's only started in the UK this week, and I like what I'm seeing so far. :)

I love your character already lol.

Kimi x

wing said...

Hey Vincent this is my fifth message, really want to thank you all people (especially you) in ‘MR’ bring us a wonderful drama. I always sit in front of the tv and do not left for my seat coz I am afraid missing any moments, hehe… ^.^

john said...

Everyone guess what i just found out today? Most of you might know this already but some of you might not so, i'll say it anyways. Vincent has a facebook account...! I might be the only one that doesn't know this...:( i feel so left out. Go on facebook and attack him with fan letters/post.(Also remember to become a fam XD)

maxtsiumax said...

i dont know either!
can u tell me?

winnnnnnnni ;) said...

hi vincent:)
my name is winni. -)
i really appreciate your performance in MR *v*

u dun need to care about what the media is saying. just be yourself<3
i think u did very well in the MR!

it's really good for a person who first participate in drama filming :)

looking forward to see u more on tv ^V^

P.S. i have watched all the interviews in 東張西望. it's awesome xd and your english is soooooo fantastic XD

support u xo

Sandra said...

vincent (:
No matter what the poll result is, you are still the best yeah? Jiayous orh! (:

your fan

Vivian said...

hey vincent,

this is my first time leaving comment to u.. i really like you..
i knew u since u were a host in scoop.. and also u have interviewed hacken before.. hacken is my idol..:)
i'm watching u in MR.. good try vincent!! i always looking forward to watch your performances..

add oil vincent!!
i support u!!

honey888 said...

Hi Vincent,

It's great to see ur performance in TV. I think u have tried ur best to perform in the drama as u have to overcome the reading problem of Chinese and this is ur first time to have performance in the drama, I believe u have tendered ur most effort in preparation and during the course of action. Do keep it up and looking for your great improvement in the coming drama series.

Always Support u~~~

sweetsweets2 said...

Hi!! *waves* this is my first time posting here and i want to say that i think you're really cool >O< what a dumb thing to say... ^-^" but seriously, you're cool and i support you! keep up the great work!!! i'd love to see you act in more dramas in the future! (:

i like your character in MR a lot ^O^ "chung zai" i've only watched 10 episodes so far but i love the series and i will continue to watch tomorrow ;) i'm your fan from the USA by the way! specifically from NYC, hehe~

even though i'm chinese, i don't know how to read that poll stuff haha. but it doesn't matter what it says anyway because i think you're a good actor! and obviously you're getting a lot fans as i see your growing comments on your blog :D

the scene in an earlier episode when you spoke up for yourself actually moved me to tears. kekeke~ or maybe i'm just easily affected ^-^"

also, i think someone else asked this but you're a fan of "dong fong sun hei" aka DBSK or Tohoshinki or TVXQ? lol, i think you get the point. I love them too! <3 It's awesome if you're their fan ^-^

& hey! your bday is 3 days after mine (:

ANYWAY, this comment is getting super long... let's end it with a jia you! "gah yuw"! fighting!!!
update soon! ^-^

yours truly,


VINCENT don't worry about that..
we would vote this poll for you...
i am looking forward to see you again =]

mrs. said...



mjm said...


chippatotleh said...

Looking forward to seeing you in more upcoming series ;)
and wow, you really do keep your blog updated! and it's in English, yay! ^_^ hehe, I can finally read and understand the true words coming from one of the TVB stars I admire. That's really cool of you to actually communicate with your fans. and I see in your details section that you like Naruto, hahaha, you're such a cutie <3

john said...

I just saw the Olympic Ending Ceremony and it was awesome!!! XD One of Vincent's favorite singers Leona Lewis was performing there too. Hope everyone enjoyed the Olympics as much as me.(Or more)

Rocky* said...

hey...maybe ur more interested in the results of this poll.

haha...looking forward to more drama with u in it.

Mills said...


irrationally adept said...

hey vincent,

dont worry about the results. i think as a newcomer you are doing a good job already and my sis love you in MR so much tat i think she has converted to a vincent's fan already. haha. i think the audience are being too harsh on you. i hope you will continue to work hard and never let this get you down.


ct18 said...

Hi, Vincent! =) Don't worry, keep it up! Ignore the poll; Add oil~

Hey man, and after if you do all ur films, take a visit to Canada.

email me @

Joey LY said...

Vincent哥哥,you're the best in my heart!!I'll support you forever!!~~


YAN XANGA* said...

Vincent will you go to tomorrow's function? i can't see you name in Schedule? PLZ REPLY MR!

lilaznmelz said...

hey vincent a new fan of urs =)hollarin' at u from NYC ^_^ keep up the good work widd your acting!! hope to see u in more dramas in the future!!

Hannah W said...

sorry for bother

will u attend the function on th27 today?

stephanie said...

dear Vincent,
i am a friend here. i am from mainland China. after i read your blog, i want to say that you don't need to worry about the poll. as long as you work hard, it's ok.
my english is as poor as the role you have played in 家好月圓(sorry, i don't know the english name of it).
add oil!

Clifford said...

I hv been following the series every night. I think it's a great show and you hv a great future ahead of you. Keep it up. :)

helen leung said...

i love you since i saw you on TV.
you looks very cute!
i'll keep on watching 家好月圓 to surport you~
add oil
i think you are a good actor
don’t mind the report and keep happy forever

Inilah budak gila; TRISHER said...

I tried the page but I can't read Chinese even though I'm Chinese :(
What does it say?

flowersweet said...

NO matter whether you see my message or not,I also want to tell you that I like you so much,and wish you better tomorrow.
You are the best in my soul.I know you are very busy,but hope to get your reply,thank you

Love_Me_Plz_Kit said...



Hannah W said...

hey Vincent! im your biggest fan!
WELL, im really interest in your school life heeeeeeee :D
Would you mind showing your old photos here?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Vic said...

I'm your fan who is from Shenzhen
You're really really Handsome!!!!;)
Maybe you won't notice my comment~
But I'll Still SUPPORT u every time.

This is my address of my another Blog,

I hope i can be your friend!!

A fan named Djoko^^

lolica.mui said...

All my friends from Sydney reckon you're cool x)


Dont let those 'random' polls put you down =) because all your fans are here to support you =D


From your #1 fan,

Jessbess said...

heyy :)
as others have said,
you shouldn't worry about the poll.
okay, maybe you are not the best actor atm but that will develop :)
just keep on adding oil man!
we know you're the best