Friday, August 15, 2008


I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics!!
The opening ceremony left me totally breathless - i was speechless throughout the whole performance, everyone involved accomplished such an amazing job! What a way to kick off this year's games and what a way to make us all Chinese proud of our heritage :)
Go Go China!!!

I've been busy doing a few things recently - mostly organising magazine interviews (pls be on the lookout for me in some mags ;p), carrying on my singing lessons and also busy with MR promotional activities...
On Sunday i was part of the cheerleading team supporting my brother and sister in this game show called Identity 亮相...i was so ecstatic that they won the top prize!!!! And i must say, the new game show hosts, Summy and Siu Yee are doing such a fantastic job in their new roles! Keep up the good work! ;p

MR cast and crew had another celebratory press lunch this week - i am so so thrilled that the response has been so great...i hear last week's ratings peaked over the 40 points mark (2.3 million viewers in HK! yikes!)..the support is so overwhelming and the success is really down to you guys, so Thank You again....i promise the series will get better and better as it progresses so please keep watching!

Im off on another trip this weekend - will post pics of my travels on here later ;)
I know i've promised many people to fill in a profile listing my fav things includ. food, colour, movies, etc...this will also be posted up very soon!

Hope everyone is doing well as always,
Lotsa Love,


Vin said...

Hey Vincent... that's your name right ? in that case we do have the same name.. haha. I've been watching you on MR and its getting pretty good so far. I must say, you do a good job of being the little brother of the family. Cool kayaking skills =D.It's good to hear you're having fun with promos and interviews. The olympics in America aren't terribly exciting because most people here are pretty indifferent towards the chinese (since we beat them in pretty much everything :)
Anyways, good luck with your career. Nice knowing that you're experiencing alot. I'll be sure to catch you on TV or something... Have fun on your trip cuz i think you're gonna get more busy later on... But keep up the blog and people will keep up the comments =]

Coco said...

Vincent,,i'm so happy to leave you message here(sorry for my poor englidh/33\)
i watch MR everyday and i can see your great performance;)
would you see this message and give a reply? i hope u do so.haha;D
hope that i can see you in hk and support u always!

阿慧 said...

VINCENT 好開心見倒你個post呀!
有d失望 要等到星期一先有得睇家好月圓><
唔緊要啦體操 olympics!!

CoCo said...

Hey Vincent,
Please giv eme a reply on this comment...
As i said on the last comment,
I am just back form London,
and wanna chat of the life in
Thanks, cya...Take care!

JoNo said...

Go China!
I'm from Canada, and I cheer more for US and China more than my own country, cuz its truly a disgrace =(
~great to be able to see you on a game show~ and hopefully Ill be able to pick up that magazine of you !!

ah yi said...

i can't wait to see the game show air, Vincent :) You guys have a celebration lunch? Are you going to post any pictures of the lunch? :P Hope to see more updates from you ^^"

琪琪:) said...

halo Vincent!`
Sorry,my english is so bad /3\
So my comment is shorter!-,-
anyway,,I will support you always!hahaa:D except your blog,I have any method to get in touch with you?Would you see this comment and give a reply?*V*
from;Candy Chow=]

沙恩 said...

this is your forum~

YAN XANGA* said...

hello Vincent , is me!! YY..
I look forward MR everyday.
Ofcoz that i am enjoy to watch MR!
We will wait you profile..
you remember what i say in the letter??
i told you to keep you smile everyday!! that will be handsome more!!! REMEMBER!!!!
I am looking forward your BLOG!!!

ryl said...


Anyways in roughly about 1 week the facebook group I created to support your reached 70 Members!!!

I will always support you and if you ever come to Canada, contact me please =) By the way, your chinese is well on it's way!!! Good Luck at singing lessons!!! I'm sure you'll sing great, can't wait to hear you =)

Your Fan Always,

Ryan Lee

[by the way my family's last name is Wan too =) Wish we were related]

v i n c e n t w a n : 溫家衡 : f a n s !

Siu Wai said...

Thank for you sharing,
I will keep watching the MR
and blog.

Hope can see you on Aug 24.

Lorita said...

HEY Vincent
Every night,I'm look forward for MR.
May I know how old are you?coz i cant find any profile in any website.Tks

Feel free to leave me a message in my blog!

sal said...
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sal said...

It's said you will take part in the other series “红粉商人”。Will you cut your hairs.It's so surprised!!

Winki said...

The Olympics opening ceremony was amazing and gorgeous. Every single scene printed in my mind and my heart. I am proud of all volunteers who spent lots of time for practicing this opening ceremony. Their performances were bravo!!

Really happy that Vincent you update your blog and let us know what you do recently. As per your message, you are having singing classes, so…you will release album later and become a singer?! \(^.^)/ Good to hear that~~

Where will you go for the trip coming this weekend? Have a good trip. Dun forget to post some photos, so that we can share your happiness :P

Take good care and enjoy your trip :D


peter1992 said...

hi vincent,the olympic game is great,especially china always gets the gold.However,Hong Kong hasn't got one.I hope they can get one.

do you have msn? reply me^^

Dily said...

where r u going to visit, vincent?

warm regards, dily =)

carrot said...

hiii im been watching MR too, its a great series, and your first one..right? really need to be improved.....i know you can do it, because not everyone is born with pro acting skills right? did that sound a bit mean, (sorry if it did) i just thought you might want to know what people really think of you, not the fake " omg i love your acting, your so good" type of comments. anyways i do have a feeling that you will a bright star, (get it) lol..


bingqilin2046 said...


emily:) said...

HI Vincent.
yes the Olympic is really great that i don't really want to go out,just stayin my home and watch different types of sports games.
I am also ready to go to MR's fuction on the 24thAugust.
Hope that i can take one more picture with you!
You are really nice that you really did what the fans asked you.
support you forever.


Hannah W said...

have a wonderful trip :)

Ayxd said...

support you!!:D

Page said...

hi vincent :)
it's my first time to leave a comment for you :p
MR is really a good drama. Everyone plays his/her role well. I really enjoy it :D
It's glad to know that you've been doing some interviews. I'll keep an eye on every single magazine in the convenience store from now on, haha.
btw, wish you have a wonderful trip :)

Janet said...

you have a good performance in MR~~
Work harddddd!!

只因为恒 said...

I am a student from Sichuan.
I kenw you the first time is on the screen of JIAHAOYUEYUAN.I foundy you acting really well.
Now,you are my star in my heart. My dream is working in TVB in the future. Becuse of you ,I am determined to work hard to go to Hong Kong City University.I want to work with you as a host or a actor as soon as I gratuat from college.
I also believe you will be a super star in tvb.Because you are very young now and have a lot of time to make your dream come true.

Go!!Go!!温家恒  加油!!!

MingMing said...



::ζWaterLongSzeto :: said...

hI~ vincent.....long time no seee...and your blog was "frozen"a period...So...are u enjoying the olympic games?I like the swimming most....but remember...don't forget watch"家好月圓"!!!!!^^

只因为恒 said...

52I want to send my blessing again.
I want to make friends with you!!
My Emai is
If you look this message some day,I desire your Emai.

I have just read this year, the University of Hong Kong taking the college entrance examination scores, have good high-ah! I think I definitely can not afford to test the University of Hong Kong, good frustration ah!! However, I think I will for you and for Hong Kong as well as I dream and work hard, filling it with us

I will always support you !!!!!!!

Remember send me a mail.OK??
I expect!!!!!!!!

Vincent Lim said...


15th Aug.

Pan said...

you take singing lessons ??Is it means you will be a singer?如果系噶话,期待啊...

peggypao said...

hey there(:
it's nice to have such a freat chance to read all throught your entries. and they all sounds great!!;PP
this is the first time to leave a comment so for sure you don't even recognise me. BUT, no worries, i'll be here always for later days(:
seems like you're having fun this summer, right?? it's sooo exciting to see you on the tv drama and i must say you look really fab all the way(: HAVE FUN and i'll sure be catching up all your shows!!!!(:<

love always,

Karen Kwan said...


I think Af I become a star in HK(like you),I will be busy at working!!!

'moonlight' is very well,I am so pround of you(because of your acting)

Do you watch the olympics game though the TV?

I hope you can reply me very qiuckly!!! And visit my blog!!!

My blog wetsite:


婷仔xDDDD said...

so happy, you have a trip on this weekend...I am envy you XDD (joking)
anyway,hope you have a nice trip^_^
remember update your blog.. we wanna see your foto!!!

haha,,,I am enjoy every day when i wahtchig MR... becasuse this is your first drama...^_^ i will suppot !!

yo~~see you on24/8...

from ting-jai (婷仔)

karen said...
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karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Giselle said...

hi Vincent, still rmb me???
wow ur blog has been crowded with comments recently. It seems it's more impossible for u to read my comment...=~= anyway, just wanna leave a word.
u did great in MR (all these cms are proofs~)keep it up. Hope to see u more in TV >3<

inspired said...

Hey Vincent!

I have caught Olympics fever like everyone else, but i think i've got a really bad case. haha. I'm absolutely in love with swimming and gymnastics. I have really loved watching Michael Phelps try to win 8 gold medals in Beijing. It's been so exciting! and watching the chinese and american gymnasts has been a blast as well. I hope you've been able to catch all the excitement!

I so wish we could get more Asian magazines here in the States. I would totally pick up a copy if I see it in the store!

I really am in love with MR - the cast did such an amazing job acting and portraying the characters. I am really looking forward to future episodes! Go MR!

Stay strong and safe! 加油哦!

Dallas, Texas, USA

marimarihk said...

vincent,first time leaving message for you!i am mari, really happy to see you update your blog again!
Olympics Games,which one you like most?swimming?gymnastics?basketball?haha..Do you want to be one of the host of this program? i think you can, maybe in 2012 London Olympics .Becauseyou can speak fluent English and friendly , outgoing personality! Hope to see you there!

Yesterday i saw your performance in 家好月圓, i know you are not an experience actor, but there are some kindly advice for you =] Remember grandmother want to seperate your brother , sister and you . When you talking with your family in 茶餐廳? When you said you dont want back home your tone its hear a little bit not really naturally.Oh.. please dont be care about it, everyone also come over this phase.Looking forward to see you more and more in the next future. My English is not really good , hope you can understand , see ya.

cherylawz said...

VIN,is me
reading your blog is becoming my hobby,thanks for share your life to us.
good luck for your singing lesson and enjoy your trip.We all waiting for your photos
looking forward to seeing your IDENTIY!!

wilson said...

Unfortunately I can't watch the Olympics opening ceremony because I was busy while it was showing. This really makes Chinese proud of.

Support u Vincent!

Eun Mi said...

Hi Vincent !
I saw you in the drama ''moonlight resonance'' that I'm looking now and I find you wonderful '^^ I love this drama ! And I'm waiting for the following >_< I love your accent when you speak cantonese ! It's nice to hear =) !! I'd like to speak with you on msn if you have one >_< and please answer me on my blog =/ !!

And I'm from Switzerland x) !! (I'm a chinese girl and speak cantonese and french)

Have a nice weekend ! Kisses

Caroline !

rainee said...

Hey Vincent!! I have recently started watching the series of MR and it has gotten me to notice u! i really like your character in the the little brother..haha the "baby" of the fam! in a way i would think its quite a difficult role..especially since its ur first time at filming a was the experience like? you hav such a quiet and low self esteem personality in there..its nice to see how u performed pretty well as of 12 episodes =) hahahh i especially loved the part where u finally decided to speak out loud..yelling at everyone to shut up so that they would stop blaming ur mom! that was nicely done! hahah i was so happy jus watching =D
as for the olympics..hav u been watching as well? i am personally an olympic-craze!! and basially sports wise =) i liked ur kayaking skills in the drama..haha do u really kayak in real life?? hmm well enjoy the rest of the olympics hopefully as much as i will ^^ hav fun on ur trip and good luck at everything..especially with MR's high ratings!! hope to see u update again soon =)

lotsa loveee,

rainee said...

oh by the way..i'm from toronto but i understand cantonese perfectly haha XD but of course when it comes to not so good LOL XD
hopefully you'll see this and hav a reply! =)

melody said...

hi vincent,
I think you are really cute actually.家好月圓 is really good I think . you act good ,too!
Add oil !! Support...

大頭傑 said...

Hey Vincent..我係your廣州嘅fans啊!

love from kit

ryl said...

Hey Vincent =)

Haha it's me again Ryan arr. The group I created has almost reached 100 - and I'm sure we will get around 800 Members with my friend's help! We will ALWAYS support you Vincent!

Your Fan Always,

Ryan Lee

By the way, I added you on facebook, but I'm not sure if it's you hehe. Anyways please add me I'm sure if you join my v i n c e n t w a n : 溫家衡 : f a n s ! group even more people will join!

Here's the group link:

kelly;D said...

hi Vincent;)
i've got to know that u hv a blog and i'm glad becoz i can know wt u r busy with n c some nice pics:]
i'hv been watching MR from the very frist episode n i noticed that yr performance's getting better n better!keep it up!
i'm looking forward to seeing u in the rest of MR x)
take care:P

Yvonne said...

hey Vinny,
yeah, the viewing rate of MR came out this week, pretty well, congrats.
you said you are having singing lessons, so when will you release your first album, looking forward to it.

Bosco said...

hi!my name is bosco.I which your perform the tele-play your acting is very well for the newlywed.If you have time to Guangzhou I will to carry you to sightseeing everywhere and to carry you to sightseeing Guangzhou's history.I hope we can become a good friend.My mailbox is I hope you can reply me.I wait your reply Vincent!
Hi Vincent how are you?Are you so busy this days?Can we become a friend?I very very want become a friend of you,my english not very well if you don'n see understand please don't to take offence.Because this is my first use english to writing.IF you not mind I can teach you Chinese and Cangdongese.
Vincent my mailbox is Wellcome you anytime to find me
I support you.Make efforts refuel.

MeiKei said...

Hello,this is my first time to leave a comment at your blog.I don't know whether you will spend some time to watch this comment.Anyway,I feel happy when I was writing this comment.I really enjoy watching the olympics!Especially,I like to watch the contest of swimming,badminton and tennis.I'm good at badminton.Your performance in MR are great!I'm keep watching.I'm just 13 and I'm a girl.I thought if you're my bro,that is wonderful.I don't know why,maybe you can teach me my hw.Hang out with me.But that is impossible.Keep it up.Forgive my rude words =]

ahyee said...

hi Vincent,

You have a Trip? It's great.
Do u go to our website?
U do the little brother of the family is very cutie=]!!
I am waiting to watch MR everyday and i can see your great performance XDDD


【 Mill''s.♥,,,!™` `. said...



加油ar!! Vincent

【 Mill''s.♥,,,!™` `. said...
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maxtsiumax said...

which magazine interviews are you organising?

周欣 said...


Kalei said...

Hi Leng Jai Vincent!^_^

Yay!You have updated your profile info!at least I know a little more about you!ha ha...ever travelled up to Scotland while you were in Reading cos thats where i am...born and raised in u..a BBC!haha..

Counting down for MR to be shown on the Chinese Channel here...4 days!!!woooo....cant wait to see you appear!

Look forward to seeing more of you on our screens...

K x x

inspired said...

Hey Vincent!
Thanks for posting all your favs! I noticed you like tennis too!! i'm such a big tennis fan - a fan of both watching and playing. i haven't been able to get around to playing it lately, but when i get the chance, i love to get out there and hit around.
looking forward to the next post!
Dallas, Texas

maxtsiumax said...

Wow! you Love Naruto..!?
that's unpredictable.

Pan said...

you like Japan??me too~~呵呵~~发觉有D野都同你几相似的!happy~~嘻嘻嘻

Pan said...

you like Japan??me too~~呵呵~~发觉有D野都同你几相似的!happy~~嘻嘻嘻

delıαииα ♥; said...

attempting to make this comment a bit short.... since I do intend to write really long comments.... which becomes a problem!
Anyways.. though I am from Canada,
I am watching MR~ and I am certainly fond of this drama.

Very excited to see you in another drama sooner or later. Have a great time on your trip~ and stay healthy.
and hope to see your latest update sooner or later~

je t'aime xD! *i am not crazy ~_~
au revoir for now~

- with happiness..
- Delianna.

Bosco said...

Hi Vincent how are you?Are you so busy this days?You ask for take notice of your body.More than take a rest.

Andrea said...

Hello Vincent...
I'm Andrea from HK,I'm a new fan of yours,and it's my first to leave you a comment here:)
I've been watching MR everyday since I saw you in it..XD
I think you did a really grate job^^
I watch the Olympic games too,I think the opening ceremony was totally amazing!! But Hong Kong hasn't get any medals yet..
I'm quite disappointed about that..let's hope that Hong Kong can get some very soon..
You're having some singing lessons?
That's good!! So that we can listen to you singing very soon^^
P.S when will there be promoting functions of MR again? I've never seen you before..:'( hope that I can see you vey soon=)


jaki.s said...

it always gets me excited to see you on tv!!!!your acting is really cute :333 And thanks for editing your profile ^0^ I will be posting that on the facebook group okays?? :) when you have time, go take a look and leave a comment okay?? :) take care hun <3 <3

xo jaki.

Candy =] said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candy =] said...

i finally found u =D
haha took me awhile
heaps love watching u in MR
and OMG ur english is heaps good i was worrying that if i left u a message u wouldn't understand anything =D
btw surprised your fav sport is tennis and not rowing =]

and u like LEONA LEWIS!
so cool =D
hope your doing good and

P.S hahaha couldnt stop laughing when u said "shutup you monster" in ep 11 =D
really good ^^

aR y!N said...


Hannah W said...

Briefly, plz post more photos about yur life :]

wing said...

Hi Vincent, this is the first time I leave you message, hope you can understand what I say...You can give me positive feelings and I think you are a nice, polite and hard-working people, sometimes a bit shy when you are smiling. It's very happy to know you become more popular and have more chances to see you in public...Keep going and also hope I will be brave enough to face my problems!

fishy said...

sorry for being random XD
i wanna see MR so much and hopefully i will soon! keep up the good work aye!~

simply_carmen said...

Woot new post i see. love watching you on MR...its getting more and more exciting each day :)

Was wondering how did you land a role on MR, my ambition is to work in TVB. :) one sweet day i will be there :D hehe.

anyhoo, just wanted to drop a message. should stop procrastinating and do my homework LOLS!

take care
Carmen xoxo

Joey said...

Hello!my name is Joey.I which your perform the tele-play your acting is very well for the newlywed.If you have time to Guangzhou I will to carry you to sightseeing everywhere and to carry you to sightseeing Guangzhou's history.I hope we can become a good friend.My mailbox is I hope you can reply me.I wait your reply Vincent!

meikian said...

hey vincent!
love your role in MR!~ looking forward to watching more ^^

greetings from singapore! (:

妍echo said...


vincent said...
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YAN XANGA* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YAN XANGA* said...

i am YY.
i am sorry about that our forum have sth wrong is this time
so maybe u can't go there!
now we just use the website only
if u go you can talk with us in chat room too.
see u in 24 function.

萱島大樹.` said...

Hi Vincent.
this is the second time i write you a comment.
well, the olympic games is really a good show and i can see China put a lot of effort in it. I was enjoy to watch it.
Keep up the blog and i support you forever.Take more rest and do more exercise.don't let yourself get sick :]

Dily said...

vincent, u r becomin' more n more popular just because of MR~~!! congratulations~~~

i know u surely put much effort on it~~

im also so surprised that u've got some fans from other countries already, such as singapore and china~~

take care vincent =)

warm regards, dily*

carol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ebichu said...

It was long time ago TVb made such an entertaining drama, latest one is last years "The Ultimate Crime Fighter". "Moonlight resonance" really got me hooked up. Unbeatable script and terrific acting with awesome cast. usually is a bit skeptic toward newcomers but got to be honest. You are doing a good job so keep it up.

carol said...

Hey Vincent, I'm Carol a new fan from the U.S haha I finally found your blog xD I've been looking for an English forum but never found one. Looking forward to your profile. I've been watching Moonlight Resonance everyday and you did a great job with your acting, also have fun on your trip! hope you read this message.
always support you :]
do give me an e-mail

take care!

bbyxdevilish said...

hii vincent !
this is my first time commenting you ! I just wanted to say that iy love love love you in MR ! it's so good, i'm watching it here in the USA everyday ^^. I'm from san francisco! Anyways i've become a really big fan of yours and i'm so glad to see you have a blog, i've been watching you on since you were on interviewing on scoop! I wanted to know if all the pictures you have on your blog taken with your own camera ? the pictures with the MR cast are so cute. Also, is Raymond Lam nice to work with ? I would really like to know ! I've been a fan of him for a really long time now. so, are there other movies you are working on right now ? I can't wait to see them ! you can email me back @
i would LOVE to hear from you ! ;D

thank you so much; i love you !(;

kkfever said...

i just want you to know that...u are my new obsession ;)

Johnny仔 said...


wing said...

Hi Vincent this is my second time to leave message here, always looking your performance in TV…I think you will have great improvement for the longer time and more practice, very admire you spent more time than the others for remembering the ‘dialogue’ ^.^ Keep fighting for what you want!

john said...

hope you have/had a good time on your trip. XD

miraanda_1103 said...

Hey, Vicent I am so happy to leave a comment on your blog. you do a very good job in MR. However i can only watch the series on the internet as i am living in uk. Anyway, hope you will do great in the future with everything.

6Decemberrr said...

Im not following the Olympics, because of the time difference in Europe.

You're doing a good job in MR. I think a lot of girls will love your character in the series. MR is a good serie. So far the episodes are not getting bored (you know, sometimes some series are!)
Im addicted to MR.
After watching an episode, I can't wait to watch the next one. I hate it when it's weekend, because then I have to wait 2 days til the next episode get broadcasted. lol

Looking forward to see your travel pics. I love traveling too :)


Leo's Kingdom (nearest from the God) said...

Hey,Vincent!you did very well in《家好月圆》,I think you are the best actor in 《家好月圆》,I hope you can do better in the future!(sorry for my poor English)

Macarius said...

hi hi
will there be a episode of MR that have more acting of you?

森美's english name is Sammy.
I was a bit dissapointed that you talk so less in the Identity game show.

ATRAM said...

Hi Vincent,

I really want to know how TVB selected their star. I would love to be one, in the future. I'm currently a college student and working at US AIRWAYS at the same time, in Houston Texas-US. Do you think I have any hope to become a star? I don’t speak Chinese! It that might be a problem?

Anyway you are the best guy!! I watch MR (English Translation version) and see that you acting are very good. Keep up the good work.

Anyway if you have time please feel free to visit my webpage, leave me a message.

My email is:

Fell free to add my email in your address book…..

Bye....good luck