Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Times!!!

So since the completion of the MV, i've been on a mini-promo tour for the new single...
been on several radio shows - catch me again on the RTHK website :) - as well as a few newspaper/mag interviews.

I'm now a new joining member of the YES! School Tour '09. First show was yesterday, and it went by pretty fast !!!! ..haha.. check out future dates on my "Work Blog", i may be appearing at a school near you ;)

I also had the HUGE honour of being invited to watch a Kelly Clarkson unplugged showcase yesterday. I believe it's her first appearance here in hk, and also she mentioned on stage, her first time doing accoustic/unplugged renditions of her songs - she was sooooo freakin' amazing!!!!! That voice is an absolute gift - awesome talent, and an awesome Idol indeed. I've always liked her song "Because of You" - the meaning behind the lyrics and her personal story that goes with it makes it that extra special....hearing and watching her perform a version of it live, was pretty out of this world - definitely buy her new album All I Ever Wanted guys, it's absolutely worth it!!!!!

MO Bar

Kelly on stage!

:) :) :)
My video will be out in karaoke soon!!..i've seen the final cut!!...will post links to it once it's available :)

Hw much rain is there gna be this week!? - weather may suck, but i hope you're all doing well ..


Anonymous said...

Kelly Clarkson is the ONLY 'idol' I admire. Yes Leona is pretty amazing too but Miss Clarkson is in another league. As for everyone else from Pop/American Idol and XFactor...no comment.
I love BoY too, it's a really meaningful song. So is Beautiful Disaster...did you have the pleasure of hearing that live too?

Anticipating your debut! It's been a while since I've been interested in anything from the HK music scene...

Btw the weather can't be as bad as here in England?! Though it has been quite nice these few days.

ah-yi said...

awww Vincent, you updated again :D it's so great to see you frequently update your blog. A member of the Yes! school tour eh?! I wished I go to school in hong kong :( but i really hope to hear your single soon :) and i LOVE Clarkson's Because of You. Like you said, I think it's really meaningful and everything:D I analyzed that song for an english assignment in the past XD take care Vincent :)

OMGitzSTELLA said...

Hey Vincent! I just read the newspaper that you'd been to Kelly's showcase so I immediately came to your blog lol I didnt go tho but I went to her autograph session this afternoon! She was very nice! I got a pic with her!w00t!

& looking forward to your MV soon :)

Stella xx

KeiTh TaN said...

ALtot i'm not dat into english songs... but Kelly Clarkson does impress me with her tremendously good voice! No doubt "Because of you" and "Breakaway" are my favourite..
Just wonder why she's growing horizontally, haha =)
best wishes...

joel de sá said...

muito bom mesmo.joel the brazil.

joel de sá said...

muito bom.

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