Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SPEED are back!!!!

I'm so excited about this news..i just had to dedicate a post to them ;p
After 8 long years of being apart, they are finally back together!! woohoo!
Just watched a clip of them on a a charity show in japan...brings back so many memories of being a teenager :P Just out of curiousity...what music brings back memories for you guys??

GOOD LUCK to everyone starting school/college soon!!! Hope all of you do your best this year - stay positive ;p - i have faith you will all achieve the results you desire :) GAMBATE!!!!!


sweetsweets2 said...

hi vincent! *waves* i'm glad you updated your blog! am i first to comment? i hope so!! ^___^

hmmm speed - honestly, i never heard of them but i'm glad you're happy about them coming back xD maybe i should check out their songs then?

what music brings back memories... ahh whenever i listen to jay chou songs (the older ones from back in the day) i think of the summer times that my friends and i share. ^___^ it feels really good to remember the good fun memories of summer, especially when you have to go to school ><"

school for american kids start tomorrow... *sigh* but it will be my senior year of high school so hopefully this school year won't be as bad, haha.

memories of a teenager? you're still young though! ^^
ah i don't know what else to say..
vincent, add oil! ^______^!

Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

At the moment..潘瑋柏-轉機(cantonese version) reminds me of the time i spent in Hong Kong this summer because it was played on the radio all the time. I really miss HK! :(

ah yi said...

it's great to see you update your blog again, Vincent :)

As for songs that bring back memories .. hmm .. I think generally .. all songs that were released a couple years back bring back a lot of memories for me:)

School is starting for me in Vancouver tomorrow=( I'm so lazy, don't wanna go to school :P

Anyways, add oil!! :D
(btw I watched your episode of Identity with Tavia and Moses. GOODJOB on winning the 200,000 :D)

keep it up:) add oil again!! :d

pearl said...

I couldn't some of you have never heard of SPEED...perhaps you guys are too young...anywayz, this is such a good news. Actually it does bring back a bit of the teen memories...since the first CD I ever bought was their CD...n I rmb the time when I first saw them on the Kohaku, u know...the Red n white song battle in Japan...
Well, just glad that they are back!! yay!

john said...

School starts for american middle school students starts on wednesday. Gunna be a senior though... hope i don't suspended on the last year at middle school... Cantonese songs in general reminds me of HK i was there not long ago but i wistfully hope to go back soon.

Yvonne said...

hey Vin,

Although I know nothing abt speed, I can feel the same way as you could, my favorite TV serials Gossip Girl Season two air today, I have been anticipating it for several months, this show can rock this summer.

MilEy^^ said...

i'm so glad you update your Blog
i watch MR these days and i always look forward your appearance in the show

when i was in junior high school,i liked TWINS(SA+GILL) so much..i enjoyed their songs

i hope i can listen to your song one day

1000℃XSA said...


Winki said...

Yes, I watched this charity show as well. Four of them changed a lot :)But heard that they may gather together again and will release a single soon. Dunno this is true or not, if it is true, definitely will buy their single. haha~~


anne_ayumi said...

i knew SPEED last year.cuz a member one of them, called Uehara Takako(上原多香子),dated with Jin Akanishi(赤西仁).so i knew her and her group has disbanded.
and i am happy they come back.i am looking forward to listening to their music. 唔知可唔可以东山再起呢?

anne_ayumi said...

你最近点丫? i heard u 会演出 红粉商人 呢部戏.几时有得watch?

anne_ayumi said...

my blog is http://annehikki.blogspot.com/.

Wilson L said...

Hi Vincent,

It's great to see you updated your blog, you seems didn't update this blog for around a week time. Are you busy on you career on these days? Hope you'll take good care on yourself and do the best in your career.

I'd watched MR everyday and your performance getting better and attractive. When will your new drama - 红粉商人 on air? Hope can see it soon.

I never know Vincent like to listen to Japanese songs too. When I listen to Westlife, Mariah Carey songs, It brings my memories back since I listen to those songs when I was young, it's really great. I was recently listen to Rihanna, Leona Lewis,Maroon 5 and Christina's songs, they're great too.

Hope can hear more news and info about you Vincent.
Vincent, 加油!!!

Jakibabi. said...

OMG speed O_O! their songs are soo nice~!! Im glad they are back, hope they make more good music :):)

zmae said...

Hello there!

Greetings from Malaysia. Just to drop a message and I have something to ask. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of TVB series, but I've been watching MR since my family is watching it. So far, I enjoyed it very much and I was told that you're a newcomer. I searched around the net and found this blog and some videos of yours in Youtube.

I find that you look familiar, not because I saw you on Scoop or E-buzz, but if my memory serves me right, I think I saw you on the tele before. It was a promotional clip for a singing competition or something like that, so basically, that little clip featured one of the competitors from England, talking about his background and preparation towards the competition. I cant remember if that was you or somebody else, so hopefully you could write a brief introduction on how did you get into the business.

Personally I really think that this is a good start so hopefully you will have more acting opportunities in the future to develop your acting skills.

Well, very sorry for the lengthy post and if you have any feedback on my comments, feel free to mail me at:


Joey said...

How do you do Vincent!Are you recently what's the hurry?I hope very much can usually on TV in see you.Hope you to clap is more gamesome to see to us.Support you forever Vincent.

danson said...

Wow...u also do love speed too?

i did know them through the drama of "it started with a kiss,惡作劇之吻 " with it's opening theme song...it is quite nice...last time always learn to sing their song...;p

there's a band called "ZONE", their song is very nice too especially "blue".

oh, btw..
im one of the fans of MR~
greetings from Malaysia!

Jill said...

hello vincent.~...
簡直喺..Beautiful + Powerful +wonderful..!!


kelly* said...

hey Vin;)
um...if u ask me abt songs dat bring me memories of the past,,i think i'd shoose those of joey,,maybe?coz i started listening to her songs since primary sku n it's been quite a lot of yrs already.
i'm having CE this yr,,i mean,,2009
thank you for yr encouragement n i also hope i can reach my goal:)
hope to c yr next update abt yr recent work!
best wishes,,

Andrea said...

Hello Vincent,
it's me,Andrea again...
So glad to see u updated your blog today:)coz I'm very happy today.. it's my another idol's birthday today!!..XD

music that brings back memory...um..I think..
maybe...唐禹哲 Danson Tang's 愛我..it's a mandarin music..

I've heard of Speed before..
but not really long ago..
and I don't really know them a lot..^__^

There's a function of MR on this Saturday..
will u join the cast for that function?I'm not pretty sure that if I can go to the function or not..
coz school has started..so I don't think my mom would let me hang out for a long time...sighs..there's only about 40% of chance that I'll go to the function..
But,except the function on the Saturday..will there br any more fuctions later on?I've never seen you before..and i really hopr that I can see u on some day..^^

Support you 4ever!!


Candy =] said...

so true about college part
7 more weeks ....stressing so much
o0o0oo0 happy to see u updated blog and wow u like japanese music!

hmmm music bringing memories ummmm
old school schools hahah like
madonna and o0o0 new kids on the block
like the music from 90's

Charlize.K said...

i'm your fan and i'll support you !

Kelvin said...
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karen said...
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Kelvin said...

woo~~~ sweet~~! speed are back. Missing those song so much. "White Love", "Alive" love ya~~. looking forward for their concert in tokyo in the coming future.

thx for the news anyway. ta..

superstar. said...

guess what? i am a big fan of speed too! the moment i know they are back tgt i was sooo HAPPPYYY!!!

btw, i am from singapore!!! and i am watching your show keke ;))

marimarihk said...

hi vincent!SPEED i love them when i was young,hee~but now i am only 20=P. which song do you like most?i like all my true love , alive...etc.I love hiro most!Takako also a very beautiful girl.Their last concert always make me cry.And do you know ZONE too?they are also 4 girls band team!Many great song from they!i recommend you listen " secert base ~ kimigakuratamono" ,"yumenokakera" ...many song i wanna recommend for you! But they also disband at 2006/_\

yelei said...

good luck to you in the future as well ^^

SPEED.. wow its been awhile.

looking forward to seeing more apperances from you on tv!

Rd.amber said...


Vicent Wan!


xomgxitsxlilix said...

Hi, it's so nice to see you have time to update your blog ;]

I think the backstreet boys really bring back a lot of 90s moment, even though I wasn't really a fan. An old song of Jay Chou (回到過去)also bring back a lot of memories.
And yeah school starts on the 4th for me, and I didn't even finish my summer work. Darn! Finally Junior Year of HS...I hope I can do my best too.

And congrats on Moonlight Resonance being so successful! The show is so exciting I love it.

Vincent Lai said...

Hey Vincent,

First of all, honestly, I've never heard of SPEED, but I'm happy for them, finally can be together after 8 years. Second, for the memories of being a teenager thing, you're still young, you're still a teenager...just not a normal one, you're a teenager with fame and maybe fortune. -v-

At last, I've just started school yesterday, and I think things are way difficult then 7th grade.

Looking forward to read your next post.

Vincent Lai

Lorita said...

hey vincent
thanks for sharing the video
i also like speed's songs like white love n steady.....
hope to c u soon !

satoshi said...


kkfever said...

i think the Backstreet Boys bring lots of memories to me xD.

LCL said...


Sandra said...

Hi Vincent! haha! So happy to c ur blog being updated! yeah!(:

music that brings back memories... hmmm...林峰, S.H.E n Fahrenheit's songs? haha! Starting sch nxt wk le... End Of Year exams coming! OH NO! bt i ll jiayous de haha!!! (: u mus jiayous too yeah? (: Takecare!!!

Kalei said...

Hi Vincent!

Good to see you updating your blog!hehe.. ^_^

To be honest wiv ya...i have never heard of Speed before...probs because of my lack of knowledge in the Japanese music world..lol

as for music that brings back memories...lol...well boyband groups like Backstreet Boys and Westlife were my all time faves when i was in school!haha...

*sigh*...i need all the luck i can get to finishing my masters dissertation!

hope you come back to the UK soon...and visit Scotland!haha...


JoNo said...

TVB Drama Themesongs bring back memories...

Like Return of the Cuckoo
The "blessing" song by Chi Lam Cheung, and also the themesong of "The Awakening Story" by Wong Fei

You're into J-pop?
I'm mostly into K-pop, but im a fan of Tohoshinki, they're J-Pop. U have a video of them on the side <33!

ayaki said...

竟然係你blog 見到speed=]

6Decemberrr said...

I don't know Speed. Im more into western music (from the UK and USA).
That group splitted for 8 years?! They still look very young, they must have started their career when they were teenagers.

When I listen back to songs from bands who have split up for a while now or old songs from the 90's which I haven't listened to for ages! it brings back memories for me too. --> Happy memories :)

ice~~ said...

I crazily addicted to SPEED when I was primary and secondary student!!! nearly buy every SPEED CD~ even it costs me large portion of my pocket money.

In Japan, you can still buy SPEED CD at [book off]! I bought some albums and single there for just 250Yen (the price is so low...sigh)
I like the video so much, but it seems that they only perform on charity show?

you know what, 今井繪里子Eriko (my favourite one) has a deaf son. She devorced recently. i feel so sad to hear about this...

fishy said...

i remember boa, ayumi hamasaki and koda kumi as the first asian artists i knew nd that was like ages ago >< like in yr 2 which was 7 yrs ago XD. reminds me of da crappy days at primary school.

Quinton Lo said...

love it

B said...

Hey Vincent,

Thats a good qs :)
Hmm...i used to be a boyband freak...so Westlife, Backstreet Boys, 5ive, Take That and haha..S Club 7 :P So much more...chinese wise...when i was a lil kid i used to like Leon hehe...then pretty much all chinese music and of course TVB themesongs :)

Ive heard of Speed but have never really listened to their material...maybe i should :)

At the mo I do love Leona and also Delta Goodrem :)

Take care Vincent and keep up the good work!


Eripeng.net said...

hey vincent,

didn't know you're one of speed fan :D

MR ending rocks :D