Thursday, September 4, 2008

i love Puma

Today i completed a photoshoot! - hopefully will get the results soon so i could show you guys :)
Much thanks to photographer Vicky and also Puma for kindly sponsoring everything that i wore!
I have some interviews lined up soon, so hopefully i'll be around in some of the magazines more ;p here are some behind the scenes photos of me with my own camera phone :P poser! haha

UPDATE: I WILL BE attending a MR function that is scheduled for 6th Sept Sat @ Yu Ging Sun Sing! Hope to see some of you guys there :) I think it starts around 12.30pm...


Angel said...
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Angel said...

^o^ yay! congrats on the photoshoot . Can't wait to see your photos. I really like puma myself. Did you dye your hair?

I'm currently watching " 家好月圓 " it so good >o<.I wish i could attend the moonlight resonance funtions but i live so far away from Hong Kong, all the way in Canada *sniff sniff*. I won't be going back till Christmas Time TTOTT
Hope to see you more. 加油!!!!


sw33t4my said...

Keep up the good work vince, 家好月圓 was really good ;)

delıαииα ♥; said...

congrats on your photoshoot!
I like your hair :D did you dye it or something? Looks awesome. =]

Still watching Moonlight Resonance... episode 26 now! so fast

Hoping to see you in magazines endorsing PUMA!

Hope to see you blog soon~

- Delianna.

Anonymous said...

hi ! Vincent
how are you recently?
i'm looking forward for ur photos...u look so cute in the pics

maike said...

Like your hairstyle too~
wonder if i can style that way too~

ah yi said...

yay:) another update:D I hope the photoshoot releases soon so we can see the results too:D

i love puma too:) ahaha. and i love the colour of your new hair:D i'm thinking of dying my hair to that colour too when my hair gets longer:P

add oil vincent:)!! i'm anticipating for more moonlight resonance:)

Sandra said...

Hi Vincent! Haha! u look so cute in the pics. haha! Continue to jiayous orh! (:

1000℃XSA said...


eLmo said...

hello, nice to meet you..
i'm currently watching moonlight resonance.
it's a nice drama...
and i think you did well in the drama but anyway, you need to improve more too ^^

well, good luck to you!

MilEy^^ said...

the new term starts.i won't go home till the weekend.So i won't see ur blog frequently =[...forgive me.
anyway,i'll still support u.Look forward to ur new drama.

pepcojenny said...

are u acting cool on the pics???lol..we are from same generation..but u older than me 1 dun like speed la...i like Mariah carey =))haha

Anonymous said...

ho cute ar :)

Rd.amber said...

i love the garment u wore in 家好月圆. 超有型~~


Yvonne said...

hey Vin,

Did you change your hair color? It looks different, anyway looking forward for ur new pics.
last time I saw you in the magazine, the journalist complimented you and said you are photogenic. The funnest thing is another artress behind you was making up, and totally unaware of the paparazzi. I think thst's why they praised you, coz you look natural in front of the camara.

Really curious abt ur fashion shots, if any must show us!

Andrea said...

hello Poser Vincent...><
I saw you updated your blog this morning..but I didn't have time to type u comment...
coz it was time for me to go out for school..XDD
I love Puma school bag's from Puma:D
it's good to hear that you have some interviews I can collet the magazines with your interview not long later...^^
you've dyed your hair...
it seems like the colour is a bit different..or maybe because of the lights?

hope to see u soon^^


Anonymous said...

Hey Vincent
you new hairstyle is just suited for you. You looks great.
Hope can see you and your new pics soon.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is that pic you edited on your own?

JoNo said...

you dyed your hair~
And you take good care of it too, because a lot of dyed asian hair just looks damaged. Yours is still slick and shiny !

Good luck with any endeavors you will have in the future. Always supporting u!

maxtsiumax said...

Hey! You've got a new look...

maxtsiumax said...

Are you taking these photo at your home?

tung said...

HI Vincent;)
by tung

萱島大樹.` said...

Hi Vincent.
congrats on your photoshoot.*v*

These day I'm watching Moonlight Resonance and it's a good drama. Well, i think you must be a great fan of Puma, just becuase i can see you usually wear Puma.

Stay Healthy. I will support you forever*=)

carol said...

hey congrats to your photoshoots and looking forward to seeing you in magazines and it's good to hear that you're in an interview soon. well gotta go school's starting ;)


♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...
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♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

heyy i edited a bit of your photo

there =D

LCL said...


♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

and btw, i think you should add ads like google ads to your blog. can earn =D haha

Chan Pui Mun said...

looking forward for your photoshoot collection. ;D

Candy =] said...

that sounds like heaps of fun!!!
i missed a ep of moonlight resonance devo but catching up tomorrow

and ur pics are really cute ^^!
heaps like ur hair colour

"gai you"!
hope everything is going well for u

巫婆 said...


Winki said...

Your brown hair look really nice^.^
Can't wait to see your photos.


Vincent Lai said...

Hey Vincent,
You look cute in those outfits. And MR is really good. ^v^
You're really great.
Vincent Lai

meikian said...

nice (: look forward to magazine scans! since i doubt the magazines you're featured on will appear in singapore. hmmm...

come to singapore soon! haha (:

Kalei said...

^__^ yay!another new blog update!!!cool!i can't wait to see ur puma pics!

and u are a poser...hahaha only joking!!!! but u are of course a leng jai...



john said...

you dyed yuor hair. ^_^ gratz on the photoshoot, hope to see your photos soon. srry i can't go to the funtions T_T i live in the US. hope you appear in more magazine soon have fun and don't push your self too hard ^_^

your fan always
Add Oil XD

Dominic said...

hey dude, so ur from UK too like me lol.....
wow its amazing u've work ur way up to be an actor and thats not very easy, well done.
what are you hoping to achieve?

Andrea said...

sorry Vincent..
I have something to do on this Saturday..
I can't go to the fc..

Anonymous said...

Vincent! =) I will always support you! I made a group in support of you!

v i n c e n t w a n : 溫家衡 : f a n s !

Please add my email:

Your Fan Always,

Ryan Lee

Anonymous said...

hi vincent! ^_^ 你好嗎?

ahh~ i didn't get to post first this time T___T;

heh, i like your new pictures - nice hair and hair color :D

puma is awesome ^______^ i'm happy for you that you had the opportunity to partake in the photoshoot! congrats (:

wow, looking forward to your interviews then!

you took the pics with a new camera phone?! i'm jealous! it's very high quality picture ^O^!

ah a function~ have fun! i wish i could attend to see you and the MR cast >__< sadly i am about half way across the world... and going to school, aiyo~~~ :D

anyways, have fun again and update soon! maybe you should upload some pictures at the MR function in your next blog post, haha! with your new camera phone, kekeke~ 加油!


Bosco said...

Hi Vincent!How are you?When you are recent ?Favour?I hope,expectation would on TV new play and amusement the program can see you of figure!If your coming to Guangzhou must seek me, I take the history of Guangzhou that you sight-see,play......You the free and convenient time can seek me. wait you to seek my Vincent.

Joey said...

Hello Vincent!Are you busy this days?I really want to see you on the TVB new television drama!I also like this sport brand of Puma very much, its clothes are very comfortable, style the color is wild and quite good.If you can the free time seek me?I want to chat with you, can you give your mailbox number to me?

lisa said...

vincent,you're so lovely

i also like puma and i'm watching

Moonlight Resonance27 now.

Hope to see more times

Anonymous said...

i love you in :家好月圓 <3
you're such a good actor ^^
wish they showed more of you =]
love your recent pics XDD!

Anonymous said...

congrats on finishing up your photoshoot! ill definitely check back to see your pics.

i went to hk in august. i thought i saw you at LKF? was that you with a friend? white cap? sound familiar?

anyway, still watching MR. keep up the good work!

pearl said...

It sure does feel good to get sth done. ~Good for u~ As far as MR, just when it starts to bore me, sth always comes up to cheer n keep surprising me. It's kind of the reason I began watching HK dramas again...I feel glad for u to be able to take part in such a great drama. Looking forward to seeing u in more marvelous dramas tho. BTW, I sure found the shirt u were wearing in that pic familiar...perhaps I've seen it on the Olympics...wid those amazing, glorious Jamaican track & field athletes. Well, anyway, I guess...keep up the gd work then...Buhbye...Am I the last one to comment...? > <

barbun said...

u look so cute in“家好月圓”

kaniko said...

i also 鍾意puma ,too 靚><
support you forever

Ich liebe dich. said...

Hello 中仔! (You look really cute in MR.)
I'm currently watching MR. It's really really a nice drama! I personally feel that MR is nicer than HOG. [:

Hannah W said...

omg i love these pics so much <3333
your rok!!!

sam said...


jennny_713 said...

hi vincent~~
I am longing to see your new photos!!
You look a bit tired in the photos took by your own camera phone!! Do take more time to rest!!
@ oil!~~

Pan said...


★ AhLing said...

nei ho handsome ah
家好月圓is relly relly good
you are so cute ah ahahaha:)

add oil

Anonymous said...

Hey Vincent! Im from london. ^^ my sister will be in HK and she should be arriving there tomorrow (6th sept), i was wondering what time does MR function finishes?


Anonymous said...

hi vincent !
so glad you have a photoshoot.i cant wait to see your new pictures ! so you're gonna be in ads now? hopefully i'll see your pictures in some magazines soon ! so do you get free stuff from puma too ? thats so awesome; i love puma, i have tons of their bags. hehe ;)
anyways; still watching moonlight everyday!
i wish you guys can do functions here in the states too so i can see you guys !
<3 kristina

::ζWaterLongSzeto :: said...

I think your hair change a lot...
Add oil...act more drama!!

cynnamon said...

Hey vince!

I've never heard of Speed before neither haha but they sound alright.

For me, Britney Spears brings back memories actually... lol and backstreet boys and Spice Girls! haha Those were fun days...
But right now i'm loving Leona Lewis, Mario, YUI and Utada Hikaru.

Btw, i reckon ur hair looks great in that colour!

Keep up the great work~ Hope to see u more in TVB~
Ganbatte ne!

Cyn <3

kelly* said...

hi Vin,,
i hv sth to tell u ...u look much more handsome wif yr mouth opened when u smile,,i mean,,smile grinningly x)
anyway i'm grateful to c u update wt u r doing recently:)plz do so more often xd
best wishes,,

YAN XANGA* said...
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rainee said...

hey vincent! woot woot..dyed your hair? the colour looks nice on u!! =P i love puma's so cool how they sponsored everything that u wore haha XD anyways, yup..i've still been keeping up-to-date with's great..ahhh so much drama its so intense lol =P grrr..cant wait till i see all the evil ones' outcome -- which is a BAD ending for them...hope those episodes come real soon..hahahaha i cant wait to see those ppl who r making the good ones suffer now, suffer later on! ;P (as u can prob really into the series lol ) hmm..i wish i could attend the MR functions...but too here in toronto =( hope all goes well and hope u hav fun! im sure so many of ur fans in hk will show up and support u! =) Hope u update more and upload more pics soon..i'll continue to support! Take care! xoxo
- Rainee

Anonymous said...

whoa did you dye your hair or was it always this light? and MR is so interesting right now. although you dont have a lot of scenes i think you're cute and good as a new actor. I like you're english too.

Lucas lim said...

hello, ^ ^
nice see your blog, you have a nice blog. hoprfully, i found out your blog from a hong kong forum.
i'm from Malaysia, and i'm a chinese, 20 years old.
i just watched the 家好月圓 the first 5 eps only, i will go to buy the whole original DVD, to watch this whole excellent drama.

wish you all the best, this is my msn-
i hope can see you in my msn friend list.

last, you are handsome and the Puma t shirt is suitable for you. ^ ^

anniesmiles4u said...

wow, i never knew you were born in England, thats very interesting!! i LOVEEE MOONLIGHT RESONANCE!! your lucky, you get to see tavia, raymond, all the famous ppl! ive seen tavia and moses but not raymond yet... but i know his manager :D lol

do you have msn? haha < my email address XD

Ping said...

Great ya having all those functions in HK, wish I could see them, but I cannot unfortunately, cus I am all the way in keep on putting pics on your blog =)..Cannot wait to see the next moonlight resonance..Support ya, wish ya role was bigger =)...Go Go Vincent!!

KKVL said...

hello! nice blog u have i the first msian to post here?please do reply..i'd really like to know..the curiosity..hehe..anywayz..congratulations on the sucess of MR..any chance of a promotinal stint in msia?since heart of greed did havea promotional stint over here in may lots mroe success come to you.. keep updating your blog here..take care! :)

c-loewe said...

hey, just tagged you from my blog. hope you dont mind ya! =)


Athena said...

nice photoshoot! =]
hope you will have time to update more often!!!
add oil on your career!! said...

Hi! Vincent .
I'm your fans from MALAYSIA 馬來西亞
不好意識 我的英文真的不大好
全馬來西亞 都在看著 家好月圓
在這里已經 搜集了不少 你的粉絲了

7月的時候 鐘嘉欣 陳豪 楊怡 李斯棋
已經有來過 我住的地方

我現在在考試 也一直想看你的戲份
不能看了 現在是 我們 政府考試 的 trial exam
11月就是 正式的了
請為我們 加油吧

i will always view your blog to learn English from you .
And I'm so surprise that
i saw 東方神起mv on you blog .
You like their song ??

Vowy said...

第一次留言。 i am watching the 家好月圆.it is very nice.
when u will come to Malaysia ?
tat time the溏心风暴 d artists hv come,how about 家好月圆?
Hope can see more your movie .
u dye a new colour?
but it is nice.^-^
i juz tat my birthday is same with u .终于知道有人同我同一日生日啦!好开心啊!
ur fans

NEMO*BB said...

Heys, Tavia & Moses just came to Sydney to promote MR. Hopefully you can come soon =] xx

fishy said...

nice lovo pictures~ ur hair color looks lighter~~

Carmen said...

oo looking forward to the pictures! Haha i see a change of colour in your hair. It's nice :) Btw, love watching you in Moonlight Resonance!

alex_one2free said...

wow! ur new hair style is so cool!!!

Emily said...

hey, hows it going? this is really weird, looked u up (never heard of u, sorry!! found this and another site) and found out that u r from reading. the chinese community is so small in reading, surprised i ve never seen u b4... im from reading as well and also a chemist (grad from warwick!). how small is this world! haha.

love the series MR, well done.

kaka said...
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mandy said...
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mandy said...

good photos~!so charming^^
i became your fans after watching"東張西望"
you are so cute when interviewing people^^

Anonymous said...

i stumbled upon this blog accidentally lol i thought you were one of my college peeps until heck, you're the guy in Moonlight Resonance! Lol I dig the drama =D neways, keep up the good work and well, you like SPEED? I thought you're the Morning Musume type of guy lol.

duckhei said...

this is your forum''
Can you go the forom leave you comment?!

kerri said...

ooo congrats on the photoshoot! can't wait to see your photos =)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

as like many other people i am watching 家好月圓 too :)
i was surprised when i read that yr a BBC.
oh and its cool you went to UCL.
hope to see more of your blog!

wkhfans said...


-Eu te Amo said...



Winky said...

re wkhfans


chong said...

中仔,gam ba te.
keep up ur work in there.
u really is 84 ar...?
u have ply facebook ....

n congratulation!!!!!

Tsz Hin said...

mann ur hair is da greatest...

ur acting is great! or more like superb for a new comer. in some scenes when you had a number of lines i was surprised how natural you was. it just suited with the role u played in GOOD WORK.

hope u get more roles in the future with tvb cos a lot of us r w8ing to get stunned by ur charisma and articulate acting.. ALL DA BEST FOR DA FUTURE! dun ignore us wen u ave a main character role... haha joking :D

herana said...

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