Monday, September 22, 2008

MR Finale!!!

the show is over and the curtains are down...the grand scale of the production tonight really did the show justice - what an amazing finish...what a way to celebrate and to applaud everyone's hard work in this drama.

I write this as it approaches 5am over here - just returned from the live still overwhelmed and in awe by the finale i just witnessed. Never in my mind had i ever imagined being involved in a drama quite like this one...and for this to be my first experience, i feel truly blessed and honoured. thanks to my producer, thanks to all the script-writers, directors, crew and thanks to my family...中仔 will always forever remain in my heart...

hope you guys enjoyed the show just as much as we enjoyed filming it - this chapter is closed and one i will never forget....


me and jo bao


rainee said...

omg vincent im so happy to see that you updated your blog! i've actually JUST finished the finale too over here in toronto!! i quickly downloaded the "live" show to watch too! it was so nice to see the whole family there. and back to MR, wow i think im in awe too jus as much as you are, it was truly amazing. and the ending was jus perfect. "Ga Ho Yuet Yuen" =D happy ending woohoo!! 中仔 will forever remain in my heart too! as jus a normal audience, i feel just as blessed to be able to witness such a grand drama and finale. it was awesome to see your first attempt at filming a drama. hopefully there is more to come in the near future! i will definitely still be supporting you! well right now, jus finishing the series, i can pretty much say i really miss it. but i can feel a few days..the feeling will start to change to more of a reminisce. but i know even though i will be missing this drama, i might be glad that its over, because we'll never know whats ahead of us. it will be great to see THE FAMILY all together again.
anyways + oil 中仔, or Vincent. hehe =) Best of luck with all your other work and take care. See you ON SCREEN again soon =D

meikian said...

congrats on such good response for your first time!

MR's a really great show.. dont think i've ever been so hooked on a drama before. it's been great, these two mths, lookin' forward to watching MR evry nite, and look at how the story progresses.

it's only been a short two months throughout this whole drama.. but it feels like i've grown up together with the 甘 family. feels like so much has happened since the first episode of MR, all the way till the ending, and we've been smiling/crying with the family.

anyway jus wanna say hk dramas really rock cuz the scripts and all are always so engaging and interesting (:

i'll miss 中仔 alot though! and of cuz 家好月圓慶中秋, Jo飽 & 荷媽~ ^^

you're pretty good for a first timer, so continue to 加油! hope we'll see you in more dramas in e future...

中仔 forever! ^^

delıαииα ♥; said...

lol i aws watching the show before it.. it was awesome..
i swear to god im gonna miss the series =(
haha then again i liked what you did to your hair ~
i`ll miss your character a lot! though you were a secondary character, you still remained my favourite! i hope to see you in other dramas!
residing far away from hong kong sucks :( because i have to depend on TVBi lol.
but i was able to catch the live show tooo!
i will definately be supporting you!
i am not sure if you even read these comments but...
FIGHTING with lots of love. ahhahaha~
I WILL DEFINATELY MISS YOU ON SCREEN eek!! wow that definately makes me sound like a stalker.. anyways..
HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON.. on screen.. off screen... whatsoever!

Candy =] said...

nawww that really good the show was such a success =] congrats
hahaha here in australia we have heaps more eps to go
its so hard cause i have final highschool exams but...MR is so good i cant not watch it =S oh no
buttt anyways nawwwwwww so sad its finishing
hope u will be in more dramas cause ur awesome and hope all goes best for u in the future

6Decemberrr said...

I finished watching the finale a couple of hours ago.
This drama is very good. Every single episode was interesting. I never got bored watching this. The cast did very well. Thumbs up!
I will miss this... :(

Hope to see you in another drama very soon if you're gonna continue acting. You have to keep us updated ;) x

pearl said...

Whoa, writing this blog entry around 5 in the morning? Well, I can tell how thrilled u have been being a part of this wonderful drama/family. I'm glad that MR is all over now...u know...and the ending is nothing speical at all as usual, but, unlike me, I guess most people prefer happy endings. MR is definitely one of the best recent dramas but then the character of 中仔 doesn't seem challenging enough. I, thus, really hope that you will have more opportunities to try something more challenging in the future. Well, there's always room for improvement n I'll be always looking forward to your next performance. :P

1000℃XSA said...


kay said...


I am so happy to see your drama finished. This drama is very good.
And 'chungjai' always remain in my heart.


-RejectedOnce- said...

You want to know something? You rocks. Keep up the good work xD

ah yi said...

im so glad you updated vincent :D I just finished MR in vancouver too :) I'm so glad it was a happy ending for everyone! I'll miss seeing Moonlight Resonance everyday now :( But I hope to see you in another drama soon :D ADD OIL VINCENT!!! :D :D

Mai said...

Congrats on the finale show :)

I am eager to finish watching MR but the Viet dubbed releases are only slowly being released so I gotta be patient! hehe

Wanted to say you're doing a good job for a first timer. Add oil! ;P

Any future projects lined up?

Joey said...

Hi Vincent!Are you good recently?The first television drama that you play has already broadcast to complete last night.True have a little not willing to give up, I hope very quickly and can see you in the new television drama of figure.I hope earnestly,expect the arrival of this that day very much.

evanalee said...

good job vincent! i love the show :)

Yvonne said...

hi Vin,
you know what, I feel so sad that MR ended, coz over these tow monthes, I expected it everyday, now it ended, it seems like nothing worth watching now, I may return to my realistic shows for good.
yesterday, I went to beach with my friend, though damn tired, I downlown MR immediately, and enjoy the last ep. hope TVB is planning the next MR-like series, one year one show with the same castings, ao that now I have something to expect for.

Chrisy said...

The show is AWESOME! Hope to see a 3rd sequel! You are doing great for a newcomer. Very natural in terms of voice and facial expressions!

Wilson L said...


Hope MR brings you a lot of experiences and will help you in your further career.

Waiting to see your new works.

Support you!!!


kamyan said...



ms ling said...

Vincent 中仔中仔中仔=D

但係你做得好好 ;)
this drama is very good.
good job vincent!


karen said...
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kaniko said...

hi vincent!!!
your character in Mr is very good,i like very much but last night is the last of mr , i will miss mr forever!!!
last night , you are very handsome
but you remember,we on the bridge???At that time ,we want you to stop!!!!but when we run down , you already leave by taxi .... we very sad.....and i always cant take the photo with you/__\
I hope you will like my gift...hope you wont mind that~~~ ^_^

support you forever
your fans----kaniko(alvin)星

YinG said...

love to see you inside the drama....though you're not that "active" in the drama, but still you're the most charming guy in the drama....

Wish you to have a new nice drama soon~~~and become the main role next time~~~SUPPORT u always~~~



I was joyful that you have uploaded your blog.I think you did a good job in MR.I really like your character in MR.I still miss your character up to now.
We all fans hope that you can have MORE and MORE dramas and jobs.We all are waiting to see you in your new works.
I have seen you last time in TVB,you are very nice and talked with us.
We are Welcome you to go on to the VS.

Vincent Lai said...

It was a really great show and you did a really great job being the character 中仔. Keep it going.

Vincent Lai said...
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Ms.Eunico Wan said...

HI!Vincent,I am Eunico
I have took a photo with you at the end of the function 家好月圓慶團圓=).
Very happy you`re becoming famous,
I hope I can see you once again.

Louise716 said...

Hello!Vincent,I am Louise.
I wanted to go to that function last night.But unlucky I had no ticket.

carol said...

hey I just finished MR and I can't believe it's over. good times past by so fast. You did great job and I will miss seeing MR and you.


barbun said...

good show la~
u r so cute in the drama ,look so young and handsome.this is the most greatest dramas ,i have ever seen .hope u have more great performace to show us la~

JaNIcE_BaBy said...

I saw you last night
you look so cool

support you forever!!


Kalei said...


Thanks for updating your blog!Congratualtions on the finale. I just read that the last episodes peaked at 50points!That is a great achievement for a TVB series!Whats more, it's your first series so even more great for you!

Hope to see more of you soon!

Congratulations once again!

B said...


I can't believe MR is over now. I haven't quite finished watching it yet but you have done very well so far :) ..hope to see you in more series to come.
Too bad i couldn't attend the event but I'm sure we'll probably get to see some clips of it on the chinese channel in London :P

Take care

光軍 said...


Vowy said...
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Vowy said...

wao...thx for update!
now i still can't believe that MR is miss the characters in tis movie.
u r very charm in tis movie,u look so smart!!
hope to see you soon in other movie
besides zhong zai,wat type of character u hope to be?
anyway,i will support u in every show.
wao...thx for update!
now i still can't believe that MR is miss the characters in tis movie.
u r very charm in tis movie!
u look so smart in the movie n the live show( i watch through internet)!very handsome n cheerful^-^
hope to see you soon in other movie
besides zhong zai,wat type of character u hope to be?
anyway,i will support u in every show.
although tis is the first drama of you,u really hv a gud show!
hope you happy n smile everyday.take care.dun be too tired.

Phylice said...

hei hei
fiz time i search ur blog
n c oready tht u write
wht r u busy now?

i m not very noe about u
can u snd a email 2 me

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Melody said...

hey vincent,
ahhhhhh...tonight i can't see you on tv.(i miss you very...very much) cause MR had been finished, but i'd watch the ending last night. that's a great happy ending. although it's already ended,中仔 will stay in my mind and heart forever. i know some of your performances were not really perfect, but this's just the first time. i can sure that you must do better next time. hope i can see you more on any dramas or functions. besides, you are a pretty boy and i love you to smile all the time. you know, you really cute when you are grinnig. but of course you are pretty too although you are not grinnig.(haha!!!) alright! just wish to see you in some other tv drama.

*hope you can add my msn:
miss you & love you always,

Sammi said...

你真係好靚仔!!heehee~ 比我心目中更溫文呀~! 繼續努力呀!期待你的新戲呀! =D

littlewhistle said...

congrats~ i love this show. The ending is so good. I really like it. Keep up your work~ Hope to see you again in other drama =)

萱島大樹.` said...

My Dear Vincent,,`=))
i'm sorry that i am so late to leave a message to you.These days i am so busy 'coz we have to prepare for the swimming gala which was held this morning.
well, i am so happy that my house has got the overall champion and the cheering champion. we have put so much effort on it and it pays back now.
I've watch the finale of MR that night.this was a great drama but well i think the original ending was better, 'coz it was more touching, right? anyway, 中仔 is also remain in my heart forever.i am looking forward to watch your next drama. add oil ahhh,,


萱島大樹.` said...

well, no reason at all.
but let's exchange our email.
maybe i can talk something secret to you.*_<

Sandra said...

Hi vincent!!! haha!!! MR reali rox man! i love the show so so so so much! hehe! Hope i will be able to see u more often in other dramas soon! I ll miss MR alot de!!! haha! takecare yeah? (:

supporting u always!

LCL said...

你做的角色好好!!而且係第一之拍都可以話不錯!!try you best^^

th... said...

I really enjoyed watching MR. But you didnt appear much in the ending, Hope you can appear more in TVB later

elizabeth said...

i miss MR very much, it's a good show!by the way, i love your voice~~ =]
hope i'll see you on the tv very soon~ ^^
中仔will remain forever in my heart!!

summerwavez said...

i am reallly happpy that GOON GA ZHAI and YU SO CHAU are finally together together =]

婷仔xDDDD said...

i am happy..when i saw u on21/9/2008..
but it was the end of MR...I felt so sad..becuz..we didn't know when can i see you on function???

miss you>.<


Quinton Lo said...

love MR so much.

john said...

OMG! the finale of MR was amazing. MR was by far the best drama i have watched so far. i also watched the live show you were on lol. i didn't see Moses though, wonder where he was. you were awesome in the series, though you didn't have much lines, you are awesome even though this was the first drama you were in. MR will always remain in my heart and so will the 甘 family. keep up the good work! ^_^ add oil! XD hope you participate in more of the upcoming dramas. <3

Stephanie said...

i want to say that you all have done a good job. i like the happy ending very much"家好月圓"!
i am waiting for your new roles.
add oil!

Celes~` said...

hi vincent .. can i ask u a q ? where are u from actually ? how did u enter the industry ? curiosity :P

Jacqueline said...

it was great that you updated your blog! i fall in love in MR and ofcourse you haha:)
you did great there and looking forward for your upcoming performances:)
btw take more rest!

Kyo9147 said...

Hey Vincent,

well done ^^

great acting
great show
great storyline

its just nice!

looking forward to see you on another drama

小东 said...

really is nice show and good movie
hope to see u again in screen.

akmx1 said...

Hey Vincent!

I can't wait to finish watching MR. It's really good. Currently on episode 30. :]

BTW,I'm watching the scoop right now. You guys are soo funny. I love it!

-Michelle; Cali.

KKVL said...

wow..tat's indeed a really grand event..the ending was really good!..congrats..the happy ending was soo touching and nice....keep up the good work..can't wait to see your next project...

blue_bear_blue said...

i just finished was a great drama n is gona b missed.its great 2 c every1 2gether again.hope 2 c u in more dramas in fa future.will look 4 ur appearances!


sho-ck said...

I'm still halfway through watching MR but it's been amazing so far... =D
You are an amazing actor and i still can't believe you used to live in England >< When you have time, do some TVB promotions back in the UK and i will most certainly come to see you! ^^
All in all, glad MR went really well for you and keep up the good work!
Hope to see you in more TVB dramas soon.. =) x

天 空___jiA yU said...

great show!!!
you are gorgoes!!!
keke =P
always support you...

Mei said...


All the best in your future.

파이팅 ^^*

ChiFantasy said...

you probs wont read this but hey
congrats of MR and keep up the good work ;]
I was so happy when I heard you were from England! I was like wow, so rare hahaha
anyways good luck for future projects!

Little Turtle said...

Hello Vincent,
I have recently finished watching MR and I have to say that it has one of my top favorite series at the moment. After reading your blog update, I just wanted to say that you were really lucky to work with such a cast as your first experience. You did really good in the character you played in the series. When I watched you as the character Chung, I could tell you were a new actor, but I saw that you did your best! I mean it doesn't matter if you are a new or old actor, all that matters is you doing your best and putting your heart into your character, right? I just wanted to congradulate you on the success of your first role and encourage you to continue working hard. I am officially a fan now and I will be looking forward to your future roles to come. Take care and bye!

<3 Mika <3

Peiqi said...

heyy .. i just finished MR .. really one of the better productions this year .. anw .. you like cloverfield? i thought it's one horrible movie .. haa~

Andrew-Hays said...


~zOeYi~ said...

wao! you acting is very nice in 家好月圆! very surprise! haha! wish you have the more drama soon and let us enjoy your new drama! see ya

jillian chua said...

omg,you are cute...handsome...omg...finally i found your blog...

Phylice said...

hei hei
fiz time i search ur blog
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wht r u busy now?

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