Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mariah Carey in HK!!!!!

So last week i got to see my ALL TIME IDOL on stage..lets just say i had to pinch myself roughly a hundred times throughout the night, because i couldn't believe i was standing so close to her!!! The whole experience was just SURREAL - met up to all my expectations. The songs invoked so many memories - i'm so glad ms. carey sang most of her classics from the 90s...i took the above video from my camera phone - AARGH! AMAZING!

Monday, September 22, 2008

MR Finale!!!

the show is over and the curtains are down...the grand scale of the production tonight really did the show justice - what an amazing finish...what a way to celebrate and to applaud everyone's hard work in this drama.

I write this as it approaches 5am over here - just returned from the live still overwhelmed and in awe by the finale i just witnessed. Never in my mind had i ever imagined being involved in a drama quite like this one...and for this to be my first experience, i feel truly blessed and honoured. thanks to my producer, thanks to all the script-writers, directors, crew and thanks to my family...中仔 will always forever remain in my heart...

hope you guys enjoyed the show just as much as we enjoyed filming it - this chapter is closed and one i will never forget....


me and jo bao

Saturday, September 13, 2008


THANK U to all those who showed up to the promotions event last saturday @ Discovery Park...all the banners looked amazing - i saw many VP lit up signs and also banners with my name...i honestly appreciate the effort you guys put into all your hard work ;)

Wanna say a BIG HUGE HAPPY MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL to everyone reading this - wishing you all health and happiness with your families - 家好月圓慶中秋!!!!!
How are you guys celebrating this festival day?
I have dinner with my family and then will "serng yuet" with them...i know very traditional!! lol...

It's already approaching the last week of MR - i know, time has flown by so quickly especially with the last couple of months...mixed emotions and a sense of overwhelmness that this series is finally heading towards its last few hurdles. Memories i will always keep and changes i have to accept...thx for everything, and plz keep on supporting ;p

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i love Puma

Today i completed a photoshoot! - hopefully will get the results soon so i could show you guys :)
Much thanks to photographer Vicky and also Puma for kindly sponsoring everything that i wore!
I have some interviews lined up soon, so hopefully i'll be around in some of the magazines more ;p here are some behind the scenes photos of me with my own camera phone :P poser! haha

UPDATE: I WILL BE attending a MR function that is scheduled for 6th Sept Sat @ Yu Ging Sun Sing! Hope to see some of you guys there :) I think it starts around 12.30pm...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SPEED are back!!!!

I'm so excited about this news..i just had to dedicate a post to them ;p
After 8 long years of being apart, they are finally back together!! woohoo!
Just watched a clip of them on a a charity show in japan...brings back so many memories of being a teenager :P Just out of curiousity...what music brings back memories for you guys??

GOOD LUCK to everyone starting school/college soon!!! Hope all of you do your best this year - stay positive ;p - i have faith you will all achieve the results you desire :) GAMBATE!!!!!